Could You Be A School Nurse?

Do you have the compassionate and healing touch needed to be a school nurse? More importantly, could you handle the many moods of teens and kids? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out if you could be a school nurse!

Question 1/10
How does summer's off sound?
Sounds good to me!
Sounds pretty boring.
Would my own kids be around?

Question 2/10
Be honest, how many times do you get sick per year?
Just a couple of colds, nothing serious.
I get anything that's going around, every time.
I almost never get sick.

Question 3/10
Which type of school would you want to work in?
Elementary school
Middle school
High school

Question 4/10
When you see blood, your immediate reaction is to....
Throw up and leave the room.
Give a bit of comfort.
Stop the bleeding and clean the wound.

Question 5/10
If a kid wet his pants at recess, what would you do?
Give them some fresh clothes and send them on their way.
First try to comfort them and explain that these things happen.
Get mad at them and ask them how this could happen.
Call their parents and explain the situation.

Question 6/10
There's a child with a high fever. When you call the parents to pick them up, they refuse. What do you do?
Give them an ultimatum.
Get the school principal involved.
Ask if there is anyone else who can get them.

Question 7/10
What are you like in emergency situations?
Cool, calm, and collected.
A little frazzled at first, but I always jump into action.
I tend to lash out at everyone around me.
Pretty calm but a bit nervous.

Question 8/10
Sometimes being a school nurse means creating disaster preparedness plans. Could you handle that?
Yes, it's in my DNA to plan ahead.
Yes, but I'd like to enlist a bit of help.
No way, that's too much pressure for me.

Question 9/10
Which sounds like the worst part of being a school nurse?
The paperwork
The parents
The sick kids
The protocols
Getting sick all the time

Question 10/10
People would say you're very...
You could definitely be a school nurse! Not only are you a compassionate and patient person- but you truly understand how to help kids and teens feel better. You're not easily flustered and always look on the bright side. Being a school nurse isn't always a walk in the park, but with your attitude, you could make it look like one!

You Could Be A School Nurse!
You could possibly be a school nurse! At first, being a school nurse would be challenging for you. It would take some time to get into a groove and truly get on a kid's level. You also wouldn't enjoy being sick all the time yourself! After some time, you'd grow to loving helping kids and teens feel their very best. All it takes is a little patience!

You Could Maybe Be A School Nurse!
Uh-oh, you might want to rethink a career as a school nurse! While you may have the smarts to be a school nurse, you most definitely don't have the patience. Dealing with sick kids can be hard, dealing with parents can be even harder. Being a school nurse means multi-tasking and keeping an even keel at all times. As someone who likes things done in your own way- working in a school is not for you!

You Could Not Be A School Nurse!