Could You Be The Next Great Female Leader?

What the world needs now is great female leaders, women who aren't afraid to lead the charge and go where few have gone before! Are you the next great female leader? Let's find out with this powerful quiz.

Question 1/10
What do you believe is your greatest strength?
My passion
My ability to multi-task
My ambition

Question 2/10
How would your siblings describe you in one word?
I was an only child.

Question 3/10
Would you describe yourself as an underdog?
Absolutely and I like it that way.
Sometimes I'm the underdog.
Never, I'm top dog.

Question 4/10
Which of these qualities do you find most attractive in a mate?
Their charisma
Their compassion
Their power

Question 5/10
Which section of the newspaper do you read first?

Question 6/10
Your enemies see you as someone who is....

Question 7/10
You tend to support causes that have to do with....
All of the above

Question 8/10
The most horrible thing in the world is....

Question 9/10
How politically active are you?
Very active
Somewhat active
Not active at all

Question 10/10
Which class do you identify with?
Middle class
Upper class
Upper middle class
Strong, intelligent, and passionate- you have what it takes to be the next great influential female leader. While every woman is powerful in her own right, you know how to use the skills and talents you have to impact change and garner followers. People look to you for guidance, because you are a larger than life presence with the confidence and know how to get things done. How will you change the world? Only time will tell!

You're The Next Great Female Leader!
Imaginative, confident, and intelligent. You have got what it takes to become a great female leader. Not only do you never back down from a challenge, but you embrace all of the set backs and failures that would cause others to give up. You see the world in a different way than most, which makes you poised for leadership. Will you be the first female president? Time will tell.

You've Got What It Takes!
Though you're a highly intelligent and capable woman, you're not ready for leadership just yet. Chock full of great ideas and bursting with passion, you lack the experience and confidence necessary to truly become an effective leader. Give it a few years and keep on learning. You'll know when the time is right to take your seat at the mantle of a great institution.

You're Not Ready Just Yet!