Could You Stick To A Budget In 1968?

You might be pretty budget savvy in the modern day, but could you stick to a realistic budget in 1968? It's time to find out! Take this retro quiz and discover how you'd be doing back in the day!

Question 1/10
Your day starts with a stop at the gas station. How much gas do you put in?
I fill the tank.
I put in enough to get to the store and back home.
I fill it up half way.

Question 2/10
Before you hit the store, you're hungry for some lunch. Which fast food restaurant would you hit up in 1968?
Taco Bell
I'd just grin and bear it without a meal.

Question 3/10
Time to start thinking about dinner. Which meat would you pick up at the store in 1968?
Ground beef
Pork Chops
Chicken breasts
I'd go meatless.

Question 4/10
Canned veggies are very long lasting. What kind do you pick up?
Green beans
A mix of all three

Question 5/10
You won't have time to bake dessert. What will you pick up at the bakery counter?
Pound cake
I'd buy a gallon of ice cream.

Question 6/10
The kids will be needing some fresh fruit for the week. What will you buy?
All three!

Question 7/10
You'll need some quick fixes for dinner later in the week. What will you choose?
Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner
Banquet frozen meals
Neither one

Question 8/10
You can either buy Jello or Ice cream for later in the week. What do you choose?
Ice Cream

Question 9/10
You need some shampoo. Which brand do you pick up?
White Rain

Question 10/10
You'll also need some laundry detergent. Which brand are you buying?
You could definitely stick to a budget in 1968! You don't need fancy apps or digital coupons to stick to a budget, all you need is some common sense and your noggin! You're a savvy shopper who knows how to stick to a plan and not overspend. You're not easily swayed by impulse buys and you always stick to your guns. No wonder you're doing so well in the modern day!

You Could Stick To A Budget In 1968!
You could almost stick to a budget in 1968! Without modern conveniences like smart phone apps and digital coupons, you'd have a hard time sticking to a budget. Luckily, with a little determination, you would make it work. Sometimes you can easily be swayed by flashy store end caps and junk food, but when you set your mind to saving money, you can almost always make it work!

You Could Almost Stick To A Budget In 1968!
You could not stick to a budget in 1968! Without modern apps and digital conveniences, you would have a hard time sticking to your budget. You're the type who needs a set list of things to buy or you'll just pick up whatever strikes your fancy. While this might be a whole lot of fun when it comes to eating, it's not great for the old pocketbook!

You Could Not Stick To A Budget In 1968!