Design A Prom And We’ll Guess The Year You Were Born!

Design your dream prom and we'll accurately guess which year you were born in! Ready to find out how revealing your ideal prom really is? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
First things first, pick a prom theme:
Old Hollywood
Under the sea
Roaring 20's
Disco Fever
Electric 80s

Question 2/10
What will your prom colors be?
Greens and whites
School colors
Jewel tones
Navy and gold
Black and silver

Question 3/10
What are you going to spend most of the prom budget on?
Twinkle lights

Question 4/10
You'll need to hire a photographer. Who will you go with?
A student who will do it for free.
One of the teaching staff.
Whoever did the senior portraits.
A visionary I found on Instagram.

Question 5/10
Seating is important, what kind of tables will you go with?
Round tables
Rectangular tables
A mix of both

Question 6/10
We're getting ahead of ourselves. You need to choose a venue!
High school gym
High school cafeteria
Local fire hall
Country club
Hotel ballroom

Question 7/10
How is everyone going to get to the prom?
Muscle cars
They'll rent their own limos.
However they want.
Party buses!

Question 8/10
Food is important. What kind of cuisine will you choose?
Homestyle comfort foods.
A mix of seafood and pasta.
Whatever is cheap.
Cuisine from all over the world.

Question 9/10
What kind of music are you going to play?
Oldies mostly
A mix of oldies and more modern tunes
Whatever is played in the club

Question 10/10
How much will tickets to your prom be?
$15, let's keep it affordable.
$5, anything more is pricy.
$50, we have a lot of decorations to cover.
$75, none of this is cheap!
Based on your perfect prom, you were born in 1946! Your prom is as unfussy, down to earth, and sweet as you are. You don't need a grand ballroom or catered food. All you really want is some good tunes, a glossy gym floor, and a bit of spiked punch. You're as old school as they come!

Based on your perfect prom, you were born in 1955! You don't need a $600 dress or a limousine. All you need is some colorful streamers, bouquets of balloons, and the perfect date. Much like the proms of the past, you're more focused on the people around you than living like a celebrity for one night!

Based on your perfect prom, you were born in 1967! Forget limousines and fancy country clubs, you'd take a gym with some killer tunes and a bit of spiked punch any day of the week. You're a free spirit who is all about spending time with friends and making the most of your time. You don't care about appearances, it's all about having fun.

Based on your perfect prom, you were born in 1975! To you, the perfect prom is one that allows you to feel like a celebrity for a night. From a big stretch limo to the perfect dress, you're keen on excess and living large. Much like the folks who came of age when you did, you fully lean into living each day to the fullest and treating each day as an epic adventure.

Based on your perfect prom, you were born in 1990! To you, prom night is all about excess. From the best dress in the shop to the grand ballroom at a hotel, you want to feel like you're spending a night at the Oscars instead of a glorified high school dance. Much like those that came of age when you did, you crave a perfect night that's photo worthy on social media.