Do You Belong In New York or Paris?

Which of these beloved cities is calling your name? Do you belong in the city of lights or the city that never sleeps? Answer these 10 quiz questions truthfully and find out which of these cities will be your next home.

Question 1/10
When it comes to your personality, would you consider yourself more:
Nice but sometimes fake.
Real but sometimes rude.
A mix of both.

Question 2/10
When you're out to dinner, do you mind sharing with others?
Yes, my food is my food!
Nope, I love sharing!
Sometimes, it depends on what I'm eating.

Question 3/10
In terms of transportation, what’s more your style:
Driving myself, duh!
Taking public transporation.
Walking, I've got feet!

Question 4/10
You're a total _____ buff.

Question 5/10
Your ideal breakfast consists of:
A no sugar added acai bowl.
Eggs and bacon.
Espresso, several pastries, and some fruit.

Question 6/10
On your daily commute, you’d prefer to see:
Historical buildings and charm.
The architectural wonders of a concrete jungle.
Friendly faces and familiar sights.

Question 7/10
Are you a coffee snob?
Definitely, I know what's good and what's not.
Not really, coffee is coffee.
Sometimes, I like to taste a certain way.

Question 8/10
Your ideal street food is:

Question 9/10
Let’s talk weather. You’d rather live with:
All four seasons.
Warm weather year round.
A mild mix of seasons.

Question 10/10
How much do you value diversity?
Very much
A little bit
Not at all
You belong in New York! There’s no doubt about it, you like to lead a fast paced life full of hustle and drive. You could never lead a slow and relaxed life if you tried. You’ve got goals to pursue, people to meet, and new things to try each and everyday. Sure, you don’t often stop and smell the roses, but that’s because you’re too busy dominating every dream you’ve ever had!

New York
You belong in Paris! There’s no doubt about it, you like to lead a meaningful life full of deep connections. To you, life is too important and too short to be wasted working long hours or being attached to a cell phone. No, to you, each day should be about good food, good friends, and not taking the little things for granted.

You don’t belong in New York or Paris! Let’s face it, neither one of these cities is a perfect fit for you. In fact, we’re not sure you belong in a city at all. You have small time values and a truly old fashioned way of life. You don’t need to try a new restaurant every night or wear the latest fashions. All you need is a good job, the love of family, and a community that bolsters you up!

Neither One!