Do You Have An Old Or Young Soul?

Do you have a young or an old soul? Has your soul been around for generations or are you the first one to have this soul? Do you have past lives reaching back to the dawn of humankind, were you once royalty, or have you always pretty much been who you are now? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
Are you often tired during the day
Only when I am busy

Question 2/10
How well can you use modern technology?
Above average
Below average

Question 3/10
You wrote a grocery list, but forgot it at home. How many things on your list will you remember to get?
All of them
Most of them
Less than half of them

Question 4/10
Which styles of clothing are you the most attracted to?

Question 5/10
A friend asks you to go to a museum with them. What do you do?
I go
I go, depending on what type of museum it is
I don't go

Question 6/10
Do you get confused often?
What was the question?

Question 7/10
Do you long for a simpler time?
No, I like how things are now
No, I want things to be less simple

Question 8/10
How often do you have vivid dreams?
Most nights
Some nights
Hardly ever

Question 9/10
Do you believe that everyone has a past life?
No, but some people do
No, no one does

Question 10/10
Where do you think a soul goes when a person dies?
I don't think that people have souls
To the afterlife
To another body
I'm not sure
This seems to be the first time your soul has been in a body, so it is only as old as you are. Make the most out of this opportunity. Who knows where you soul will end up next?!

You Have A Young Soul
Your old is a little old, but not by much. It is likely only a generation or two older than you are. Who knows? Maybe your soul once belonged to a family member who has passed on!

Your Soul Is One Hundred Years Old
You have a pretty old soul. It has been passed on for generations. Maybe it once belonged to someone in your family that time has forgotten, or it could have began in a person who was entirely different from you. How will you advance your soul further?

Your Soul Is Hundreds Of Years Old
Your soul is one thousand of years old. Time was much different back when your soul first came to earth. It has had a lot of time to learn and grow since that time. You still have more time to develop and grow, though. What else can your soul learn from you?

Your Soul Is One Thousand Years Old
Your soul is thousands of years old. It has likely been a part of lives that were very similar and very different from your own. It has seen many things during its time on earth. It is tired. Maybe your body will be the last body your soul holds onto.

Your Soul Is Thousands Of Years Old