Do You Have The Heart Of A Teacher?

They say that teaching is a work of heart, but do you really have the heart of a teacher? Every teacher has that special something. That place inside of them allows them to be patient, kind and wise all at once. Do you have the true heart of a teacher? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
First things first- are you a teacher right now?
I was, I'm retired.

Question 2/10
What age group would you most want to teach?
Elementary school
Middle school
High school

Question 3/10
You're giving a lecture when a student interrupts with a off-topic question. What do you say?
"That's off topic. Please be quiet."
"Good questions. Let's talk more after class."
"There are no stupid questions- go ahead!"

Question 4/10
A parent thinks you're giving the kids too much homework. What do you say?
"Homework helps to reinforce lessons."
"Homework can help them to grow."
"Work ethic at home and at school is very important!

Question 5/10
You're about to leave for the day when a student approaches, looking for some advice. What do you do?
Tell them to come back tomorrow.
Head back to the classroom to talk.
Ask them to send me an email.

Question 6/10
If a student asked to use the restroom during class, what would you do?
Ask them to go in between classes.
Remind them that they don't need to ask.
Tell them to go ahead.

Question 7/10
What kind of tests do you like to give?
Multiple choice exams
Essay tests
Projects and reports

Question 8/10
How do you get ready for a lesson the night before?
I prepare all of my materials and talking points.
I brush up on the subject again.
I plan out something captivating to incorporate.

Question 9/10
If a student were to challenge something you said in class, how would you respond?
"Hey, who's the teacher here?"
"It's possible we're both right."
"I don't think so. But here's why..."

Question 10/10
Would you or do you allow food in your classroom?
Nope, it's a distraction.
I allow it every now and then.
Yes, as long as there isn't a lecture happening.
You have the heart of a teacher, an authoritarian heart to be exact! Every teacher has their own way of doing things. You prefer order and organization. In the classroom, you're all about keeping the chaos to a minimum. When things go in a direction you didn't expect, you bring back the order, and get everyone on track. You're the master of controlling the unpredictable and making sense of the wacky. With you at the helm, your students feel stable, grounded, and totally cared for.

An Authoritarian Heart
Not only do you have the heart of a teacher, you have a heart of pure kindness and joy. Your students are more than just kids passing through, they're a part of your story and you're a part of theirs. You truly love connecting with students from all walks of life and helping them to grow. You don't care much for discipline or authoritarian rule in your classroom. Instead, you work on creating open channels of communication and understanding. It's why your students always feel as if your room is a safe space.

A Kind Heart
You don't just have a teacher heart, you have a wise heart, made for teaching. You're a person who craves knowledge. Your passion for learning and growing is like a hunger that can never be satisfied. You even stay up late reading up on the next day's subject, just to make sure you're an expert! As a teacher, you love to share your wisdom and knowledge with your students. To you, answering their burning questions is just one of the best parts of the job. Aside from curriculum, you give children the chance to see the world from different perspectives, something not many teachers can do.

A Wise Heart