Do You Know Your Opposite Love Language?

You might know your personal love language and how that impacts your relationships, but what about your opposite love language? This is the love language that simply does not mesh with your own. It could be the reason why some of your relationships aren't quite working out! What's your opposite love language? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What makes you feel the best?
When someone helps me out with an errand.
When I spend uninterrupted time with a loved one.
When someone gives me a thoughtful gift.
When someone tells me they miss me.
Cuddling with my loved one.

Question 2/10
Your partner says they have a surprise for you. What would you be most excited about?
A gift.
They took the day off to spend with me.
They cleaned the whole house.
They wrote me a beautiful letter.
They want to spend all day cuddling and watching movies.

Question 3/10
It's more meaningful to me when...
I'm around someone I love, even if we're doing different things.
I receive a nice text.
Someone brings me my favorite snack.
My loved one does my chores for me.
My person comes in with an unexpected hug.

Question 4/10
Which of these word best describes you as a person?

Question 5/10
I feel connected to someone when...
We hold hands.
We do an activity together.
They tell me they've got my back.
They buy me something I've wanted for awhile.
They remember something special about my past.

Question 6/10
How do you typically greet other people?
With a hug.
With a handshake.
With a wave.
With a kiss.
It varies.

Question 7/10
How often do you see something you think your partner would like and just get it for them for no reason?
All the time, it's what I do.
When I have the extra money.
If it's something really neat.
Pretty much never.

Question 8/10
When you're in a relationship, how often do you say "I love you?"
Several times a day.
At least once a day.
More often than not.
Only when I really mean it.

Question 9/10
When I'm feeling down or stressed, I feel better when my loved one....
Says something encouraging.
Sends me a funny video.
Gives me a comforting hug.
Hangs out with me.
Makes me a bowl of soup.

Question 10/10
How do you react to a compliment?
I usually say one in return!
It makes me uncomfortable.
I blush a little and say thanks.
I get pretty awkward.
Your opposite love language is receiving gifts. You're someone who relies on affection or words of affirmation to feel loved and cared for. It is also how you show others you care. When someone shows their affection through physical gifts- it just doesn't sit with you quite right.

Receiving Gifts
Your opposite love language is quality time. While you might like receiving gifts or words of affirmation, folks with this love language just want to spend some quality time together. Given your independent nature, this doesn't always sit well with you!

Quality Time
Your opposite love language is words of affirmation. While you might like receiving gifts of spending quality time together as your love language, folks who speak this language, love to express themselves through words. As someone who isn't much for speaking your truth or feelings out loud, this is certainly your opposite love language.

Words Of Affirmation
Your opposite love language is acts of service. Folks with this love language are all about doing those little things to let their partner know that they care. While that's fine, it's definitely not the love language you speak. As a highly independent soul, you don't like when others do things for you. It often gets in the way of your pride.

Acts Of Service
Your opposite love language is physical touch. While you may enjoy acts of service or words of affirmation, you just don't express yourself through physical touch. Those that do love to hug, kiss, and generally be near the person they love. As someone who needs their space, this is your idea of a romantic nightmare!

Physical Touch