Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?

Sometimes it's easy to feel like an imposter in your own life, but do you actually suffer from imposter syndrome? It's time to find out. Take these 10 quiz questions and unearth how you really feel about what you've accomplished in life.

Question 1/10
When someone compliments you, how do you feel?
A bit embarrassed

Question 2/10
Who do you tend to hang out with?
A large group
A small tight group
One or two good friends

Question 3/10
Do you feel that luck or hard work play the biggest role in life?
Hard work
A mix of both

Question 4/10
How often do you compare yourself to others?

Question 5/10
Your ideal career would....
Make me famous
Help a lot of people
Require a lot of travel

Question 6/10
In a nutshell, your perfect day would be very...

Question 7/10
What tends to keep you up at night?
Embarrassing moments from the past
My to do list
My need to binge watch TV

Question 8/10
In an interview, what would you say was your "biggest weakness?"
I don't have any weaknesses.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist.
I take on too many things at once.

Question 9/10
Would you ever ask your boss for a raise?
Of course!
No way.

Question 10/10
Which social media network do yo use most often?
You currently suffer from imposter syndrome! Despite your track record of excellence, you often think that you're lazy, unintelligent, and incompetent. You've convinced yourself that you're somehow faking your way through your accomplishments and that some day you might just be found out. It's not easy, but remember that you've worked hard for what you have and deserve a great life. You're smart, ambitious, and accomplished. Revel in who you are!

You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome!
You sometimes suffer from imposter syndrome! Sometimes, you just can't help but feel like a giant fraud in your own life. Though you've worked hard for everything you have, you often feel undeserving of the great things you've accomplished. Take a deep breath and remember that you've earned everything you have. You're amazing in every way!

You Sometimes Suffer From Imposter Syndrome!
You've never suffered from imposter syndrome! Unlike many people, you know that you've worked hard and earned everything you have in life. You're confident, self assured, and totally invested in your own ability to make things happen. You'd never consider yourself an imposter because you know exactly who you are!

You've Never Suffered From Imposter Syndrome!