Everyone Has a Black And White Movie That Matches Their Personality. Which one is yours?

If there were a black and white movie that perfectly matched your personality, which one would it be? Would you be all about style and grace or substance? Take this vintage inspired quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
How many hours of sleep do you usually get on average?
3-4 hours
5-6 hours
7-8 hours
8-10 hours
It varies every night

Question 2/10
How long does your morning routine take?
1-2 hours
30 minues
15 minutes
5 minutes
What morning routine?

Question 3/10
What do you do to unwind?
Sip hard liquor.
Read a book.
Hang out with family.
Go out dancing.
Indulge in some good food.

Question 4/10
Which city sounds most appealing to you?

Question 5/10
Which drink is your greatest vice?
Gin and tonic
Red wine
I don't drink

Question 6/10
What's the last thing you do before going to bed at night?
Say a prayer.
Go through a 10 step skincare routine.
Browse social media.
Read a book.
Catch up on TV.

Question 7/10
As a child, you always dreamed of being a....

Question 8/10
Which of the following reality shows would you be interested to join?
Fixer Upper
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Dancing With the Stars
The Bachelorette

Question 9/10
What color do you like to wear the most?

Question 10/10
Which word describes you?
The black and white movie that matches your personality is "Gone With The Wind!" You're a hopeless romantic with a flair for the dramatic. Like a true Southern belle, you're fiery and passionate, with a need for that one true love. You never hold your tongue and you certainly don't always play by the rules!

Gone With The Wind
The black and white movie that you're most like is "All About Eve!" You're resilient, confident, and always looking for the next opportunity. You don't cave around pressure and you don't let life get you down. Though you can be a rather complex woman, you do what you can to make the life you want for yourself!

All About Eve
The black and white movie that you're most like is "Roman Holiday!" You've spent so much of your life feeling sheltered and deprived of adventure. Now as an adult, you're doing what you can to spice things up and live adventurously. You've shed all of your youthful insecurities and now you're living each day to the fullest! Every moment is a chance for adventure and you're going to seize them!

Roman Holiday
The black and white movie that you're most like is "Some Like it Hot!" You're a fiery soul with a knack for charming everyone you meet. More than that, you've got a killer sense of humor and you certainly aren't afraid to make a fool of yourself to gain a couple of laughs. Others can't deny your feminine wiles or quirky personality!

Some Like It Hot
The black and white movie that you're most like is "It's a Wonderful Life!" You're a deep and forgiving soul who has truly learned what matters in life. You always give more than you take and are careful to help those you love. You've given up a lot to make others happy, yet you wouldn't change a single moment of your life!

It's A Wonderful Life