Everyone Has A Spice That Matches Their Personality – Which One Is Yours?

Every single person has a spice that matches their personality, which one best matches yours? Ready to find out which spice you're really most like? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
When you get angry, you...
Keep it cool
Cause a ruckus
Count to ten and take a breath

Question 2/10
How well do you take care of your stuff?
Very well, I always try to take good care.
Pretty good, but I could probably do better.
Not well at all, I have more important things to do.

Question 3/10
You need to tell a close friend something, but you're afraid it'll hurt their feelings. What do you do?
Be direct and tell them what I think.
Try to drop subtle hints.
Give it to them gently.
Never say a word

Question 4/10
Choose your favorite cuisine:

Question 5/10
How would you describe your personality?

Question 6/10
When getting dressed, it's important that your outfit...
Looks good
Makes a statement
Is comfortable
Makes a good impression
Is right for the weather

Question 7/10
How health conscious are you?
I'm a health nut
I'm somewhat health conscious
Who cares about health. Life is short!

Question 8/10
Are you a picky eater?
Yes, I know what I like!
Sometimes, but only with certain foods.
Nope, I'll try anything once!

Question 9/10
Which section of the grocery store calls to you the most?
Junk food

Question 10/10
How popular are you?
I'm very popular!
I'm somewhat popular.
I'm not very popular.
The spice that best matches your personality is Tumeric! Much like this spice, you're bright and confident, yet a bit on the cynical side. You're the type who can always liven up a room and bring those around you back to life. You live with confidence and joy, two things that so many people lack!

The spice that matches your personality is oregano! You're a very earthy and grounded person who values tradition and family above pretty much everything else. You're easy to get along with and always see the world from other perspectives. Others see you as a loyal and dependable friend!

The spice that best matches your personality is paprika! Though you're colorful and creative, you often prefer to stay in than go out. Sometimes, you don't fully come alive unless paired with the right people or environment. Though you're not lacking in humor or artistry, you can sometimes lack confidence!

The spice that best matches your personality is cayenne! You're a very spicy and bold person who isn't afraid to take a risk or make waves. You're not one to sit idly by and let life happen to you, instead, you always meet life head on and do what you have to do to make your own way!

The spice that best matches your personality is rosemary! You're a sweet and down to earth person who wants to live simply. You don't believe in excess and tend to have the attitude of a European. Your greatest pleasures in life come from food, family, and a good glass of wine!