How Annoying Are You On Social Media?

You might think you're true social media savant, but are you actual annoying your friends and family with posts? Take these 10 questions and find out if you're annoying on social media!

Question 1/10
Be honest, have you ever shared a chain letter or urban legend?
Just that one time
More than once (please don't tell anyone)
Never I hate those things
Only to purposely annoy someone

Question 2/10
How often do you threaten to de-friend someone on Facebook?
Literally every day
Only if they're being very annoying
Never it's rude
I've thought about it but I've never pulled the trigger

Question 3/10
How's your grammar when using social media?
Up to snuff
A little wonky
It's a train wreck
It's great
It depends on my sobriety level when posting

Question 4/10
Do you have a filter when it comes to sharing things online?
I have zero filter online
I use the same filter I use in the real world
It depends on which platform I'm using
I usually censor myself because of work colleagues

Question 5/10
Do you ever write vague passive aggressive messages on Facebook or Twitter?
All of the time
It's my weapon of choice
Define vague?
No way that's a good way to lose friends
That's not my style

Question 6/10
It's election season. Do you ever post political rants or memes?
It's my right to post my political opinion
Sure I like to share my feelings
No I don't want to offend anyone
Politics are a very personal thing

Question 7/10
How many selfies do you post to Facebook or Instagram daily?
I lose track

Question 8/10
How often do you change your profile picture on your social media accounts?
Once a week
Every month
Every 6 months
I'm supposed to change it?

Question 9/10
Do you play social interactive games such as Farmville?
Every single day
If I'm invited
Rarely if ever

Question 10/10
Do you use a fake name, initials, or your middle name in place of your last name?
Absolutely anonymity is important
No I use my real name
Unfortunately, you can at times be highly annoying on social media! Does anyone need to see every meal of the day? Is that thing your cat does that you love really worthy of a post on three different social networks? While you might think so, your followers beg to differ. Slow down your posting and take a deep breath. Everything will still be okay if you don't post every minute of the day!

Highly Annoying
You are kind of annoying on social media! You're guilty of being quite outspoken and open on social media. From ranting about politics to discussing the intricacies of everything wrong with the woman in front of you at Starbucks, you have a tendency to over share. While it might feel good to get all of your inner thoughts off of your chest, social media might not be the place to do it!

Kind Of Annoying
You are somewhat annoying on social media! While no one is going to accuse you of over sharing, they will accuse you of being a selife queen. You post selfies more than Kim Kardashian. While it's awesome that you love yourself and have a ton of confidence, everyone on your feed doesn't need to see your face 12 times a day. While they love you, they don't need to like your face every time they check their page.

Somewhat Annoying
You are social media normal! Lucky you! You've managed to strike a good balance on social media. You post with good frequency but you're never overzealous. You never get too personal and no one will ever accuse you of ranting or singling others out. You know exactly how to use social media to your benefit without ruining your relationships in the process.

Social Media Normal
You're not annoying at all on social media! You use social media so infrequently that you you could never annoy or offend anyone. In fact, sometimes people miss you on your feed and wonder what you're actually up to. We love that you've found a good balance and relationship with social media. Well done!

Not Annoying