How Assertive Are You?

Do you say what you mean and mean what you say?

Question 1/10
What would you do if you received the wrong food order?
Take it right back up
Complain that it's wrong
Mumble about it but keep it
Just keep it
Politely mention it

Question 2/10
Will you deal with a situation if you know it'll involve confrontation?
Of course I would
Probably not
Not at all

Question 3/10
Are you hesitant to express your emotions to a group even if you know they disagree?
Most definitely
Not at all
I'd be a bit hesitant
I don't think so

Question 4/10
Do you tend to say yes to things you don't want to do?
Yes, I have a hard time saying no
Of course not
It depends on the person

Question 5/10
Do you ever take responsibilities for other's mistakes?
Not at all
Depending on the person, probably
Yes I would

Question 6/10
After purchasing an item and leaving the store, you noticed you were short-changed. What do you do?
Just forget about it
Ignore it since I have no proof
Politely ask the cashier
Go and find the manager

Question 7/10
Which word best describes you?
Laid back

Question 8/10
What would you do if someone cut you off in line?
Just let them stay there
Think about speaking up but don't
Pull them to the back of the line
Politely tell them
Yell at them

Question 9/10
Would you say you have high self-esteem?
I would say I do
Not really
Not at all

Question 10/10
What would you do if you suspected a friend had a grudge against you?
Confront them
Talk calmly about it
Stay quiet about it
Wait until they mention it
I don't know
You're not really an assertive person and have trouble telling people what you truly mean but that's alright! You're just a caring person who can't help but love everyone around you

Not At All Assertive
You let people know what you want and you're definitely honest about it. While you may come off a bit blunt, underneath that you're a total sweetheart.

Totally Assertive
You know how to ask for what you want for most thing but still find it sometimes difficult. You may get a bit shy if you know confrontation may follow but don't be afraid to be brave!

You're Pretty Assertive
You'll tend to ask for what you want but sometimes it takes a bit of hemming and hawing from you. You like to keep peace with everyone.

You're Somewhat Assertive
You're rarely assertive but you don't mind that. You choose to find a polite and non confrontational way of getting your way if needed.

Not The Most Assertive