How Awesome Are You?

Question 1/10
Does at least one person beside you think you're awesome?
I'm pretty sure this is true...
I have my doubts
Of course!

Question 2/10
Where are you when a friend is in need?
By their side consoling
Buying some ice cream and provisions
At home texting

Question 3/10
If you could instantly travel to one of the following places, where would you go?
Mount Everest
The Grand Canyon
Machu Picchu

Question 4/10
How do you face a challenge?
I meet it head on
I analyze and overcome
I freak out and then make the best of the situation

Question 5/10
When you make a mistake, do you acknowledge it?
Of course mistakes are learning opportunities
It depends on the type of mistake
I generally own up to my mistakes

Question 6/10
How would you spend your lottery winnings?
I'd take all of my friends on a vacation
I'd split it up amongst my closest friends and family
I'd by everyone I know something nice

Question 7/10
If a friend asked you to help them move on your weekend off, would you oblige?
It depends on my mood

Question 8/10
Which animal would you rather be?
An eagle
A house cat
A dog
A tiger

Question 9/10
Do you help tourists with direction in your town?
Of course everyone can use a hand sometimes
If I'm not in a hurry I will
I typically frown on tourists

Question 10/10
How many hidden talents do you have?
Too many to name here
A handful
Maybe one or two
You’re so awesome it hurts! Literally, you’re so humorous, that you can cause side splitting laughter to occur at a moment’s notice. Aside from your killer sense of humor, you’re easy going, charming, and totally willing to share your stories with the world.

So Awesome It Hurts!
Remember when awesome meant “totally rad and extraordinary” you’re that level of awesome! Few people can compete with your taste, style, charm, and seriously good sense of humor. No wonder everyone wants to be your friend!

80's Level Awesome
You’re not just awesome, you’re also able to charm just about anyone! With charisma, confidence, and a total sense of knowing who you are; people can’t help but fall head over heals for you!

Awesome And Charming
Some people are awesome on the surface, but you’re awesome through and through. Not only are you stylish and trendy on the outside; but you’ve got the personality to match. You’re funny, easy going, and always willing to try new things!

Awesome Through And Through
Let’s face it, you’re pretty darn awesome! Few people would have the guts to say that you’re not the coolest kid on the block, in fact, we’d bet that few people don’t fall instantly in love with your wit, charm, and intelligence.

Pretty Darn Awesome
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Even if all sings point to extremely awesome, there may still be some room for doubt in your mind. Are you ready to find out just how awesome you really are? Let's go!