How Bossy Are You?

Do you ever worry that you might be a bit bossy? Do your friends ever accuse you of being a complete control freak? The time has come to find out. Take these ten questions and come to terms with just how bossy you are.

Question 1/10
It's Friday night and you're making plans with your friends. What role do you play?
The leader. I come up with all of the ideas.
I offer ideas but hear everyone out.
I tell everyone what we're doing and then we all do it.
I usually let the others decide
I try to sway the decision in my favor.

Question 2/10
When you are a passenger in a car, do you have a tendency to backseat drive?
Sometimes, if I feel they need guidance
Only when I think they're not paying attention
Never, they're in control
No, only in my own head

Question 3/10
Do you have a difficult time taking other people's advice?
Depends on the situation

Question 4/10
How would your friends describe you?
Stubborn, bold, and opinionated
Strong-willed, outspoken, and loyal
Confident, happy, and chatty
Quiet, sweet, and reserved
Optimistic and easy going

Question 5/10
At work or school, do you have trouble taking direction?
If I'm tired

Question 6/10
One of your friends has a terrible sense of style. Do you tell her how to fix it?
Yes, I tell her how she should dress and what she's doing wrong
I offer her help if she wants it
No. She is who she is.
I point out nice outfits when we shop together

Question 7/10
How do you handle a troublesome situation?
I take the lead and tell everyone what to do
I wait for instructions
I help out others and follow along
I form a team and work with others to fix the situation

Question 8/10
How tolerant are you of people who lead a different lifestyle?
Very tolerant
Somewhat tolerant
Not tolerant at all

Question 9/10
What do you believe is your best personality trait?
My decisiveness
My strong opinions
My adaptability
My loyalty to friends
My willingness to help others

Question 10/10
If someone refused to take your advice, what would you do?
Refuse to talk to them for weeks
Give them the cold shoulder
Secretly laugh when things didn't work out for them
Move on and accept it
You are totally agreeable ! There is not a bossy bone in your body. You are very fair and always take the time to hear other people's thoughts and ideas. You are excellent at compromise.

Totally Agreeable
You are somewhat bossy. Like most people, you enjoy getting your way every now and again. When you give advice you like to be considered and heard, even if it's not taken. You may try to influence your friends and family, but you never tell them what to do.

Somewhat Bossy
You are slightly pushy. While you're not necessarily bossy, you like to talk others into seeing your way as the right way. You often like to be in control of choosing activities and making decisions. When you can't be in control, you at least like to be heard.

Slightly Pushy
You're bossy! It's often your way or the highway. Your friends love you for your strong opinions and values. You like to express your thoughts and tell others what they should be doing. Especially those who seem to be lacking direction.

You are a bit of a control freak. it can be a bit stressful when life is completely out of your control. But don't worry, we all hate the feeling of not being the captain of our own ship. But make sure to relax and let others take the lead every once and awhile.

Control Freak