How British Are Your Tastebuds?

Do you have a taste for all things British? Do you secretly long for a life across the pond? It's time to find out how British your taste buds actually are! Could you fit in with the Brits? Answer these 10 delicious quiz questions to find out!

Question 1/10
Would you enjoy some bubble and squeak?
Sign me up!
I'd give it a try.
No thanks.

Question 2/10
How about some toad in the hole?
Looks yummy!
It looks interesting.
Nope, not for me.

Question 3/10
How about a bite of Yorkshire pudding?
Sure, looks delicious!
That looks good enough for me.
That looks icky.

Question 4/10
Black pudding can be polarizing. Would you give it a taste?
Definitely, I bet it's good!
Uh, maybe.
Not in this lifetime.

Question 5/10
Would you eat some jellied eels?
I'll try anything once.
Uh, maybe. Am I drunk?
Not a chance.

Question 6/10
How about some haggis?
Yes, looks appetizing!
Sure, I'll taste it.
Nope, looks weird.

Question 7/10
How about some fish and chips with mushy peas?
Yes, a million times yes!
Maybe, it look pretty good.
Nope, not a fish person.

Question 8/10
Would you eat a Scottish egg?
Yes, for sure.
Nah, not an egg person.
I'd give it a taste.

Question 9/10
Would a chip butty tantalize your taste buds?
It certainly would.
I'll pass.

Question 10/10
Finally, how about some bread and butter pudding?
Looks amazing!
Looks iffy.
Looks like a no from me.
Your taste buds are extremely British! Let's face it, British food isn't for everyone, yet you seem to have the perfect palette for a life across the pond. Not only do strange concoctions not scare you in the slightest, but you're all about that hearty comfort food the Brits hold near and dear. Go ahead and pack your bags, you could certainly hack it as a Brit.

Extremely British
Your taste buds are somewhat British! Let's be real, there are some British dishes you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Yet for the most part, you seem to have a true curiosity and love of all things British. From toad in the hole to sausage rolls, you would try most British foods and even grow to love them!

Somewhat British
You're taste buds aren't very British at all! Let's face it, most of these British dishes didn't really appeal to you whatever. In fact, someone f them caused a knee jerk reaction of utter disgust. While you might love many aspects of British life, you're certainly not ready for a life across the pond.

Not British At All