How Crazy Is Your Family?

You might think your family is pretty crazy, but how off the wall is your brood really? Take this 10 question trivia quiz and discover just how crazy your family really is!

Question 1/10
Who wears the pants in your family?
A sibling
I do
We all wear the pants!

Question 2/10
What is the noise level like in your household?
Somewhere between loud and quiet
It's deafening
It's pretty loud
It's pretty normal

Question 3/10
How often do grandpa and grandma visit?
A few times a year
Only on holidays

Question 4/10
What does your family argue about the most?
Bathroom time
Bed times

Question 5/10
Is your family big or small?
It's big
It's small
It's average

Question 6/10
What's the number one rule in your house?
No texting at the dinner table
Always flush the toilet
No physical violence
Keep your room clean
Don't talk back

Question 7/10
How many pets do you have?
Five or more

Question 8/10
Are there more children or more adults in your household?
More children
More adults
It's an even number

Question 9/10
Does your family tend to gossip?
We always gossip
We gossip when it's juicy
We gossip sometimes
We never gossip

Question 10/10
Which TV family are you?
The Bradys
The Cunninghams
The Barones
The Simpsons
The Tanners
Based on the results of this quiz, your family is extremely crazy! With a big brood and a bevy of pets, your household regularly feels more like a circus than a home. With everyone running in different directions, taking on activities, and trying to fight for space, your family is definitely crazy!

Extremely Crazy
Based on the results of this quiz, your family is off the wall crazy! Though you all love another to the moon and back your day to day life can feel a lot like a circus balancing act. With kids running in every direction, pets, and work responsibilities, your family life is off the wall crazy!

Off The Wall Crazy
Based on the results of this quiz, your family is a normal amount of crazy! Congratulations, your family is no more crazy than the average family. Everyone knows that with kids, pets, work, and activities, life is bound to feel a bit out of control. Luckily, you're operating at a normal level of crazy!

A Normal Amount Of Crazy
Based on the results of this quiz, your family is somewhat crazy! With so many people in one house, it's inevitable that your family can often times be somewhat crazy. Though the noise level can get loud and the house can get messy, there's nothing too crazy about your brood.

Somewhat Crazy
Based on the results of this quiz, your family is not crazy at all! Though things can get hectic, your family has the art of handling challenges down to a science. With steadfast rules and oodles of respect, your family is not crazy in the slightest!

Not Crazy At All