How Easily Can People Read You?

Some people can be read more easily than a book, while others are impossible to read even by some of their best friends. How easily can people read you? Answer these ten questions to find out!

Question 1/10
How many friends do you have?

Question 2/10
Do others often finish your sentences for you?
Only my close friends/family do that

Question 3/10
You begin to feel sad when around people. Do you cry in front of them?
It depends who I am with

Question 4/10
You are playing poker and you get a great hand. What do you do?
I pump my fist into the air
I make a large bet
I smile
I act casual

Question 5/10
Your friend upsets you. What do you do?
I yell at them/insult them
I cry
I don't do anything
I tell them that I am upset

Question 6/10
Does your face get red when you are mad?
No, but I do make an angry face

Question 7/10
Do you tell people your secrets often
I have no secrets

Question 8/10
Are you trusting?
Only to my friends and family

Question 9/10
How emotional are you on a scale from one to ten?

Question 10/10
Someone says to you, "You look like you have seen a ghost." What is the least that could have happened.
I found out a terrible secret
I am watching a drama on TV that is intense
I saw an actual ghost
You are impossible to read. Your face gives away none of your secrets. If anyone wants to understand you, they are going to need to ask you directly. Your poker face is wonderful. No one will learn anything about you that you don't want them to learn.

You Are Impossible To Read
Only those you are closest to you will be able to read you just by looking at you. They will need to have known you for a long time to understand all of the complex feelings that you have. Only these people will will be able to read you, not just anyone. Your secrets are safe with your closest friends.

Only Your Friends Can Read You
Some people can read you, and some cannot. The person doens't really matter, but it does matter how you feel about it. You are easy to read, but only to those you who you want to be able to read you. Choose wisely, or else some of your secrets will get out.

You Can Be Read, But Only When You Want To Be
Some people can read you easily, but not everyone. It mostly depends on the person who is trying to read you. Some people are just not great at reading others. Those you can read people well will be able to read you easily. Make sure that you do not make any enemies, or else you may live to regret it.

Some People Can Read You
Everyone can read you. Your face is like an open book. Everyone, even those who are usually bad at reading someone, can read someone like you. Your thoughts and feelings may as well be written plainly on your shirt. This could help you to make and lose friends. It is up to you to get a better poker face if you want one...

Everyone Can Read You Easily