How Elegant Are You?

Elegance doesn't come naturally to everyone! Some women exude elegance and class while others struggle to appear regal in personality and appearance. Just how elegant are you really? As elegant as you'd like to think? With just a few questions, we'll reveal the truth about your elegance!

Question 1/10
You'd rather drive a car that's...

Question 2/10
Which do you find most impolite?
Not saying please and thank you.
Not tipping at a restaurant.
Not holding the door for someone.
Spitting on the pavement.

Question 3/10
A fairy godmother can grant you one wish. What do you wish for?
World peace.
A bigger closet.
A lottery win.
To find love.

Question 4/10
When shopping for clothes, you look for items that are...
On sale

Question 5/10
Where can one find you on the weekends?
Shopping until I drop.
Lunching with friends.
Reading a book at home.
Digging in the garden.

Question 6/10
Be honest, you would never leave the house...
Without makeup.
Wearing sweatpants.
Without my smart phone.
Without my dog.

Question 7/10
You're going out to a nice dinner tonight. Approximately how long will it take you to get ready?
15 minutes
About a half hour
Around an hour
Two hours or more

Question 8/10
Pick a fabric:

Question 9/10
How often do you change your Facebook profile picture?
Almost weekly.
Every few months.
Almost never.

Question 10/10
Which sounds more relaxing?
Laying by the pool.
Soaking in a tub.
Floating on a river.
Feeling the breeze on a boat.
You're the most elegant woman there is! Let's face it, you exude elegance in every aspect of your life. From the clothes you choose to wear to the car you drive, you personify classic elegance and a true sense of modern femininity. When you walk into a room, people just can't help but stop and notice!

The Most Elegant There Is!
You're mostly elegant! In most aspects of your life, you exude elegance and class. Even the TV shows you choose to watch are a bit more classy than most. You'd never dream of leaving the house in sweat pants or indulging in reality TV. You pride yourself on being chic, stylish, and intelligent.

Mostly Elegant!
You're somewhat elegant! Let's face it, you're elegant when it counts. While most of the time you're not concerned about how you look or impressing others, you know when to put on your best front and exude a bit of class. Sure, you love your yoga pants and reality TV, but you also know how to rock a set of pearls and charm the masses!

Somewhat Elegant.
Okay lets be real, you're not very elegant! Odds are, you already know this and you just don't care. In your mind, you're not royalty, so why worry about appearing elegant? You're someone who prides yourself on being an individual who embraces your truest self. If that means going to the grocery store in sweatpants and a dirty tee shirt, so be it!

Not Very Elegant!