How French Are You?

Do you have the class of a Parisian?

Question 1/10
Do you speak French?
Not at all
I know a little French
Of course

Question 2/10
How do you feel about cycling?
I love it
It's okay
I'm not a fan

Question 3/10
Do you feel young at heart?
Yes I do
I do every once in awhile
Not really

Question 4/10
How religious are you?
I'm very religious
I'm a bit religious
I'm not religious at all

Question 5/10
Which French greeting appeals to you most?
Bonne nuit
Bonne matin

Question 6/10
What do you usually start your day with?

Question 7/10
Are you someone who is concerned about fashion?
Not really
Not at all

Question 8/10
How do you feel about rich food?
I love rich food
I can tolerate it
I'm not a fan

Question 9/10
What are the colors of the French flag?
White and blue
Red, white and blue
White and red
Red and black

Question 10/10
How long did the French Revolution last?
10 years
3 years
15 years
30 years
You couldn't act like a Parisian even if you tried. You're not very knowledgeable about their culture or tradition but you're okay with that! That just means you'll have to learn and experience everything they're about.

Not At All
While you may not know it at first glance, you do know some things regarding French culture and traditions. It's certainly an interesting culture to learn about.

Somewhat French
You know your stuff when it comes to French culture. You don't know everything regarding it but you do know quite a bit. You have an interest in the traditions of the French.

Pretty French
If you're not French already, you can totally pass for a Parisian. You know all there is to know about French culture and it shows in the way you act and talk.

Totally French