How Fulfilled Are You In Your Life?

Question 1/10
Do you feel excited or energized to go to work in the morning?
Does anyone feel excited about work?
Some mornings I can't wait to get started!
I typically enjoy my job.

Question 2/10
Are you currently in a happy/healthy relationship?
I'm single and loving it!

Question 3/10
How much conflict do you encounter on a daily basis?
So much conflict!
I don't encounter any conflict!
I encounter a few tense moments everyday.

Question 4/10
Having the day to yourself is...
Fun sometimes

Question 5/10
Do you have a close group of trusted friends?
I have a great group of friends
I have a few friends I trust fully
I don't really have a strong friend group

Question 6/10
Are you at peace with religion or your beliefs?
I'm very conflicted about religion

Question 7/10
It is always important to love yourself __________.

Question 8/10
What stresses you out most?
The world at large

Question 9/10
Do you take time to think about what you're grateful for?
Most of the time
Hardly ever

Question 10/10
How do you spend your leisure time?
Catching up on work
Spending time with friends or family
Doing things I like to do such as hobbies
Congratulations! You are 100% fulfilled in life! While many people might be chasing happiness and fulfillment you've already found it. From a solid career to a well oiled family life, you've attained everything you've ever wanted. Now you get to sit back and enjoy all of your hard work!

100% Fulfilled
Based on these quiz results, you are 80% fulfilled in life! Sure, you may not be exactly where you want just yet, but you know you're well on your way to total fulfillment. You've got great friends, a strong family life,and a burgeoning career. What else could you possibly need?

80% Fulfilled
You are currently 50% fulfilled in life! Fulfillment doesn't come all at once and most of it rests on your shoulders. Sometimes fulfillment is simply recognizing what you have and expressing gratitude. Other times it's finally reaching a long term goal. No matter what you define as fulfillment, you'll reach 100% in no time!

50% Fulfilled
While you may be fulfilled in many areas of your life, you're still lacking in some key areas! Whether you aren't happy with your job or your personal life, your task is to fill the holes with what you need. Take some time this season and focus on yourself and your personal happiness. You'll find total fulfillment in no time!

40% Fulfilled
You are only 10% fulfilled in life at the moment! While 10% is still a good amount, you need to take some time and focus on your own happiness. Treat yourself to that new blouse, read a good book, and indulge in that meal you've been putting off having. Go ahead and give yourself what you need to be happy! The first key to fulfillment is loving yourself fully.

10% Fulfilled
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Fulfillment in life can often seem elusive, but it is possible. Do you know just how fulfilled you are in your life right now? Take these 10 questions and find out!