How Girly Are You Actually?

Are you all sugar, spice, and everything nice, or do you have a spunky, non-girly side to you? Take this quiz to see exactly how girly you really are!

Question 1/10
How old are you?
Younger than 30 years old
30-45 years old
46-60 years old
Older than 60 years old

Question 2/10
Are you a vegetarian or vegan?

Question 3/10
Beer or wine?
Both/No Preference

Question 4/10
Sunsets or sunrises?

Question 5/10
What type of footwear do you wear most often?
Stilettos/High Heels
Flip Flops
Ballet Flats
Combat Boots

Question 6/10
Choose a baby farm animal!
Calf (Baby Horse)

Question 7/10
To a formal event, would you rather wear a sleek pantsuit or long gown?
Sleek Pantsuit
Long Gown

Question 8/10
Which of the following snacks would you be most likely to eat?
Kettle Corn
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Barbecue Potato Chips

Question 9/10
What's your favorite rainy day activity, of the following choices?
Splashing In Puddles
Reading A Good Book
Watching TV Movies
Board Games With Friends/Family

Question 10/10
Which of these words do you think you say most often?
You pride yourself on being tough and strong. You don't take nonsense from anybody, and you like being quite the tomboy. You love the great outdoors and adventuring in the wilderness, and you never really latched on to the fashion or make-up trends that other women love. You're rough, wild, and not too girly! You are 7% girly, to be exact.

7% Girly
You are a very humorous, funny person. You're laid back and relaxed, and you love just going with the flow. You're very down-to-earth and humble, and you don't find any need to really dress up, put on make-up, or flirt and giggle like your other, more girly friends. You're still a woman though, and you still have girly tendencies - mostly in your sweet and friendly personality! You are 34% girly.

34% Girly
You are the modern woman. You are passionate about gender equality, and you know you can do anything a man can do...and do it even better, in fact! You try to keep the 'girly' factor in check - you have a strong personality AND fashion sense, but you also play up the feminine side every once in awhile. You are 57% girly!

57% Girly
You love high-fashion and higher heels, and you know how to use make-up and hair products to make yourself shine. You're quite girly, but in the midst of all things pink and fluffy, you like to throw in strong, surprising accessories and clothing to sort of spice up your look and make it a bit more edgy. You are spunky and sassy - you are 82% girly!

82% Girly
You are truly sugar, spice, and everything nice...with an emphasis on the sugar and everything nice parts! You love pink and warm pastel colors, and you enjoy making yourself up to look pretty and put together every single day. You're quite the fashionista, and you are fun, flirty, and friendly to everyone you meet! You are 94% girly.

94% Girly