How Good Are You At What You’re Doing?

Do you think you know how good you are at what you're currently doing in life? Take this quiz and let us show you your strengths!

Question 1/10
Do you consider yourself to be a calm person?

Question 2/10
What most relaxes you?
Solving a puzzle
Watching TV
Arts and crafts

Question 3/10
Do you believe that your strengths outweigh your weaknesses?
For the most part

Question 4/10
When is the best time to do your taxes?
I get them done quickly, early in the year
I do them in March
I wait until the last possible minute
I don't file taxes

Question 5/10
If you were in need of new bookshelves, what would you do?
Buy them
Build them myself
Assemble them myself
Hire someone to put them together
None of these

Question 6/10
If you are feeling badly about something, how do you handle it?
I keep it to myself
I talk to a friend
I write it out in a journal
I try to ignore it

Question 7/10
How do you decide what to wear in the morning?
Based on what looks good
Based on the weather
Based on where I'm going
Based on what's comfortable

Question 8/10
Are you easily distracted by noise?
Not at all

Question 9/10
Do you often find yourself fidgeting during quiet moments?
That's so me
Hardly ever

Question 10/10
After dinner, what do you typically do with the dishes?
Wash them and put them away
Load them in the dishwasher
Leave them in the sink
In your current job, you are a bit messy but full of ideas. Sure, you're a touch disorganized and your desk might be declared a natural disaster, but you've still got big ideas and the drive to make them a reality!

A Bit Messy But Full Of Ideas
In your current job, you are a bit of a perfectionist but you are also relaxed. When it comes to your own work, you are a perfectionist all the way. When it comes to the work of your co-workers, you couldn't be more relaxed. People never think you to be uptight or fussy.

Perfectionist But Relaxed
In your current job, you are creative with logical tendencies. Is there anything better than a creative person with a logical point of view? It's the best of both worlds. Not only can you bring artistry and passion to the table, but you can innovate logical uses for your creations.

Creative With Logical Tendencies
In your current profession, you are mellow but driven to succeed. No one could ever mistake your mellow demeanor for laziness. Despite your calm approach to life, you are a driven and ambitious tour de force. When you set a goal, nothing can keep you from accomplishing it.

Mellow But Driven Too Succeed
In your current profession, you are disorganized but goal oriented. Despite being a bit on the disorganized side, you are a goal oriented person who knows how to get what you want in life. There's nothing that could ever stand in your way.

Disorganized But Goal Oriented