How Good Are You In An Office Job?

Are you meant for office life?

Question 1/10
How do you feel about structure?
I love it
It helps keep me on task
I'm okay with it
I'm not a huge fan
I absolutely hate it

Question 2/10
Do you want to be in charge of others?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 3/10
Would you be able going to meetings frequently?
No, I would be so bored
I could tolerate then
I'd be perfectly fine with that

Question 4/10
What would your current boss say about you?
Has potential
Team Player

Question 5/10
Which of these best describe you?

Question 6/10
Would you mind getting up early for work?
Not at all
I do it already
I probably could tolerate it
Not at all

Question 7/10
What would be your ideal working space?
Clean and organized
A messy area
Somewhere at my house
A nice open area
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
Which of these do you prefer to work with?

Question 9/10
Formal or casual office wear?
I'd prefer formal
I'd prefer casual

Question 10/10
How would you spend a free hour at work?
Chatting with people
Catching up on more work
Sitting outdoors
Grabbing some snacks
I'm not sure
An Office job is just the place for you to thrive. You definitely don't mind working 9-5 or sitting behind a computer. It's a job you like.

You Excel At It
Office life treats you pretty well and you're not complaining. You have no trouble getting up the same time every day and doing the tasks that are asked of you.

You're Pretty Good At It
As long as you have a team by your side, you do pretty well at office life. You do what's expected of you and while you may get down about it every once in awhile, your colleagues help cheer you up.

Good As A Team
You don't mind having an office job as long as you can make choices and express your creativity. As long as the workplace doesn't stifle your imagination, you're perfectly fine with it.

Good As Long As You Have Creativity
The office life is just not for you. You can't stand having a structured schedule or getting up early everyday. You'd rather have a job that gives you the freedom you want.

Not For You