How High Is Your Social IQ?

Everyone has a social IQ number that reveals just how socially skilled you really are! Do you think you're above average when it comes to being a social butterfly? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
People love to make small talk at work. What's your favorite topic of conversation?
Life and relationships.
My boss.
Current events.
News and weather.
I try to avoid small talk.

Question 2/10
You just boarded the elevator and you see someone else approaching. What do you do?
Hold the door for them and politely make chit chat.
Hold the door for them and look away.
Hit the door close button.
Pretend I don't see them.

Question 3/10
Your friend is posting vague emotional rants on Facebook. What do you do?
Private message and find out what's going on.
Leave a comment but never follow up.
Text them to make sure they're all good.
Angry rant about people ranting on Facebook.
Ignore it, it's not my problem.

Question 4/10
With which of the following do you most closely associate the word ‘public’?

Question 5/10
If you won a prize, what would it be for?
Best dressed.

Question 6/10
You are asked to speak during a meeting at work. How do you react?
I try and get out of it at all costs.
I prepare the best speech of all time.
I ask if I can put it off until next week.
I muddle through it.

Question 7/10
You decide to go on a coach tour of Egypt. By the end of your holiday.....
I have made at least 10 new friends.
I regret ever going on the trip.
Feel emboldened and alive.
Have truly grown and met some great folks.

Question 8/10
Which of the following properties would you most like to own?
A Hollywood villa
A French Chateau
A Colorado cabin
A New York City high rise
An Italian estate

Question 9/10
Imagine that you have been studying martial arts for a year. You feel:
Strong and able bodied.
Like I'm really going to impress everyone.
Sore and a bit defeated.

Question 10/10
If you compared your circle of friends to a holiday camp what would your role be what?
The director
The camp counselor
The activity director
The cook
You have a social IQ of 140! Let's face it, you're pretty much a social genius. You know how to act in every situation and always stay calm and cool in every environment. You know how to talk to people from all walks of life and have an easy charm that makes others feel extremely comfortable around you. You're a true extrovert who easily connects with others!

Social IQ: 140
You have a social IQ of 124! You're a social butterfly who has an easy time connecting with others, meeting new people, and maintaining friendships. You always know what to say and can quickly adapt to any situation with ease. You don't worry about what others think and you never sweat the small stuff. You're IQ is well above average!

Social IQ: 124
You have a social IQ of 110! You're a highly sociable and easy going person who can connect to others quite easily. Though you can be a bit shy and uneasy in new situations, you always overcome your fears and find your tribe with ease. You've got a great sense of humor and a true sense of self. No wonder others always want to be around you!

Social IQ: 110
You have a social IQ of 90! While you may not be the most social person, you do well in situations that you're most comfortable in. You always do great at work, kill it on the phone, and connect well at parties. Though you can be quite introverted and shy, you still have a fairly average social IQ!

Social IQ: 90
You have a social IQ of 70! While you're always quite fun and social around people you know, you tend to be very reserved and uneasy in new situations or groups of people. You don't like change and you feel anxious in big social gatherings. While you're quite charming and well liked, you don't always see yourself as others see you!

Social IQ: 70