How Hipster Is Your House?

Your house is a reflection of your unique tastes, style, and personality. Do you think your house is a little hipper than most on the block? It's time to find out just how hipster your house really is!

Question 1/10
What color are your bedroom walls?
White or beige
Black or dark blue
Purple or green

Question 2/10
What's on your walls?
A collection of band posters
Photos of family and friends
Well chosen art pieces
Eclectic flea market finds

Question 3/10
Where do you typically buy your furniture?
Yard sales/flea markets
Furniture stores
Box stores such as Target
I don't buy furniture, I get it off the street on garbage day...

Question 4/10
Is your house neat or a bit chaotic?
It depends on the day

Question 5/10
How many products would we find in your medicine cabinet?
Too many to list here
A normal amount
A few necessites

Question 6/10
What do you believe makes a room feel homey?
Lots of blankets, pillows, and rugs
Knick knacks
Bright and bold colors

Question 7/10
Describe your personal style in one word.

Question 8/10
How would you describe your hair style?
It's a pixie cut
A bob
Long and straight

Question 9/10
Where could we find you on a friday night?
At home knitting
At a concert
Out at the bars
Watching Netflix

Question 10/10
What do you believe makes a house a home?
Lots of love and family
Special pieces that are unique
Preserving old memories in a new way
Based on your quiz results, your house is extremely hipster! From the bold and vibrant colors that grace the walls, to the mismatched rugs that lay on your floors. Your house is an eccentric ode to everything that makes you who you are. From your travels to your tastes, everything is reflected in your home.

Extremely Hipster
Based on your quiz results, your house is very hipster! Your walls are lined with music posters, gallery walls of weird art, and a smattering of colors. None of your furniture matches and you tend to pick up all of your pieces are found at a flea market.

Very Hipster
Based on your quiz results, your house is somewhat hipster! Fret not, you’re house is not full on hipster by any means. While you have an eclectic palette and a love of the strange when it comes to interior design, your house is overall quite put together and classic.

Somewhat Hipster
Your abode is a little hipster but it’s far from being a hipster haven. Sure, you love old timey posters and vintage pieces, but you know how to display them in a way that is classy and timeless, rather than obnoxious.

A Little Hipster
Your home is far from hipster. In fact, your house is a refreshing departure from the hipster movement. With cool colors, well chosen furniture, and amazing art; your house is truly a reflection of your good taste and interior decorating passion.

Not Hipster At All