How Long Could You Hack It As A Barista?

Being a barista might seem pretty straightforward, but are you equipped to handle demanding customers, a long menu of drinks, and demanding hours? Let's find out how long you could hack it as a barista! You might not be as ready as you think!

Question 1/10
What time do you wake up in the morning?
5 AM
6 AM
7 AM
8 AM or later

Question 2/10
How many roast types are familiar with?

Question 3/10
Have you ever worked as a waitress or bartender?
Yes, when I was in high school or college.
I waitressed a bit once.
Nope, never.

Question 4/10
A customer is rambling off a very long custom order. What are you doing?
Writing down everything
Making a few notes
Nodding quietly
Mocking them in my head

Question 5/10
A customer wanted soy milk but you accidentally gave them almond. What do you do?
Tell them there's nothing you could do.
Make them a new one for free.
Give them a gift card for a coffee on the house.
Make a new one and let them keep both.

Question 6/10
A customer asks for a two half pumps of vanilla. One you tell them that's one regular pump, they get mad. What do you do?
Charge them for each pump separately.
Just shrug it off, people are weird.
Give them zero pumps out of spite.

Question 7/10
Someone is complaining that their coffee is too hot. What's your response?
Coffee is hot, let it cool off.
Apologize and offer to make them new coffee.
Suggest an iced coffee instead.

Question 8/10
Are you the type of person who is easily flustered by crowds?
Yes, I hate crowds and try to avoid them.
Sometimes, it depends on the situation.
Nope, I love a good crowd.

Question 9/10
Do you thrive under pressure or do you fall apart?
I definitely thrive under pressure.
I work somewhat better under pressure.
I tend to screw up under pressure.
I hate working under pressure.

Question 10/10
When someone yells at you, you're very likely to...
Yell back.
Grin and bear it.
Start crying.
You could hack it as a barista for around 3 months! Let’s face it, being a barista is as much about customer service and being a people person as it is making a great cup of Joe. To you- dealing with people day in and day out would be an exhausting experience. Especially when dealing with unhappy folks who just want you to-redo their latte for the third time!

3 Months
You could hack it as a barista for around 6 months! At first, being a barista would be exciting. After all, you’re a coffee lover who enjoys being around people. However, once people start asking for double pumps and triple foam lattes with eight million other specific requests- you’d quickly lose interest.

6 Months
You could hack it as a barista for 1 year! You’re like the energizer bunny. You keep going and going and going, even without the help of coffee. You’re a people pleaser who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to make an impression or add a little extra to make someone’s day a bit more special. You’d remember coffee orders and always recognize the regulars. You could definitely hack it for the long haul.

1 Year
You could hack it as a barista for 5 years! Unlike many folks, you were born to be a barista. Not only are you passionate about coffee, but you’re passionate about people. You’re not put out when someone makes a special request or proves a bit more difficult than the someone ordering a black cup of coffee. To you- everyday is a new adventure and a chance to make a good impression.

5 Years