How Long Could You Last As A Kindergarten Teacher?

Teaching kindergarten might seem pretty straightforward, but this profession takes a lot of work! How long could you last as a kindergarten teacher? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What's the first thing you would do as a kindergarten teacher?
Establish a sense of authority.
Let everyone know the rules.
Communicate what's expected.
Set boundaries.
Start a game of Guess Who.

Question 2/10
Be honest, how patient are you?
I could pretty much be a saint.
I'm fairly patient for the most part.
I'm kind of impatient.
I have no patience at all.

Question 3/10
If a co-worker were to describe you in a word, it would probably be:

Question 4/10
Two of your students are fighting. What do you do?
Force whoever started it to apologize.
Send them both to time out.
Tell them to talk out their differences.
Scold them both for being so immature.

Question 5/10
What time of day do you have the most energy?
Early morning
Mid morning
Late afternoon
It's even all day

Question 6/10
A parent is upset that you disciplined their child. What do you do to ease the tension?
Explain the situation thoughtfully and carefully.
Accuse them of being bad parents.
Send an email to smooth things over.
Explain how bad behavior works.

Question 7/10
You wore your favorite blouse to school. Unfortunately, it got ruined with some sticky glue. What do you do?
I have a spare shirt in the closet.
Keep wearing the shirt, it comes with the job.
Yell at the student who got me full of glue.
Laugh it off and explain to kids why we wear smocks.

Question 8/10
Sometimes it's so loud you can't even think straight. How do you calm down on the spot?
Take a deep breath and close my eyes.
Encourage the students to do some stretches at their desks with me.
Turn down the lights and let the kids put their heads down.
Read a story to help quiet things down.

Question 9/10
Who do you always lean on for support?
My co-workers.
My friends.
My spouse or partner.
My dog.
My favorite wine.

Question 10/10
Sometimes working after hours is part of the job. Are you willing to work on weekends to prep?
You could last as a kindergarten teacher for your entire career! Not only do you have the patience, the quick thinking, and the resiliency to hack it as a kindergarten teacher, but you've got the knowledge and power to inspire children to be their best! You know how to handle just about any situation that comes your way, no matter how tough it might be. If anyone has the personality fit for this job, it's you!

Your Entire Career!
You could last as a kindergarten teacher for 20 years! Patience, creativity, discipline, and organization are all key in being a great kindergarten teacher. Luckily, you don't lack any of these great qualities! As a compassionate and grounded soul, you always keep a level head and take every situation as it comes. You're cool under pressure and can always find a solution to any problem, big or small!

20 Years
You could last as a kindergarten teacher for 10 years! Teaching kindergarten isn't easy, but you would make a good run of it for 10 years. While lots of people think that teaching kindergarten is just playing with kids and teaching colors, you understand that it's a complex job that's never a walk in the park. You have the patience, the skill, and the attitude to be a great teacher. Sadly, after 10 years you'd feel a bit burnt out!

10 Years
You could last as a kindergarten teacher for 3 years! While you may have the creativity and the knowledge to hack it as a kindergarten teacher, you don't always perform well under pressure! While you're typically pretty quick you can easily become stressed by lots of noise, angry parents, and kids who just won't sit still. You've go the right skills, you just need the right attitude!

3 Years
You could last as a kindergarten teacher for 1 year! Like so many individuals, you'd quickly learn that teaching kindergarten isn't just coloring and learning numbers. It's a stressful and crazy job that is almost never the same from day to day! You're the type who craves control and hates when things don't go as planned. You're easily frazzled and tend to get a little flustered under pressure. While you might love kids and sharing knowledge, you'd be better suited for a higher grade!

1 Year