How Long Will Your New Year’s Resolution Last?

New Year's resolutions can be difficult to keep, especially when they change our lifestyle. How long will you be able to keep your New Year's resolution? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
How high is your willpower?
Very high
Somewhat high
It's a little low
What willpower?

Question 2/10
What's the last thing you finished?
My knitting project
A good book
The pie I baked
A bottle of wine
I have trouble finishing things

Question 3/10
How many books have you read half way through?
Every book I've ever started
I always read books until the end
Reading is too much commitment

Question 4/10
When a movie is a part of a series, do you see every movie in the series?
Almost never

Question 5/10
How many times do you snooze your alarm clock each morning?
Once or twice
Two or three times
Four or five times
Six or more times
I don't snooze at all

Question 6/10
How many days into December did you forget about your advent calendar?
Three days
Seven days
Ten days
Twenty Days
All the way until the end!

Question 7/10
Are you currently in a committed relationship?
It's complicated

Question 8/10
What's the longest you've ever stuck to a resolution in the past?
Until February
Until April
Until July
Until the end of January
Until December

Question 9/10
How many times did you forget to call a friend or family member this year?
Too many times to count
Once or twice
Four or five times
I never forget

Question 10/10
How difficult is your resolution?
Pretty difficult
It's hard but manageable
It's pretty easy
I'm not sure yet
Your New Year's resolution will last about one week. It's not that you don't have the willpower to keep it up, you simply realized that maybe you were making an unworthy resolution. Time to buckle down, think it through, and figure out what your life is really missing!

One Week
Your New Year's resolution will last about two weeks! Lets face it, resolutions are hard to keep, especially during the winter months when things slow down and life seems a bit less energetic. But you have to stay the course and chase your goals even when the going gets tough!

Two Weeks
Your New Year's resolution will last about one month! Congratulations, unlike most, your resolution will live to see February. That's no small task. Resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, but if you're chasing after a worthy cause or making a necessary change, you can reach your goal with flying colors!

One Month
Your New Year's resolution will last around six months! Well done! You're going to make it to the half year point! Maybe your goal doesn't require long term commitment and even if it does this is an amazing start. You've got strong willpower and the stubbornness to stick with your goal!

Six Months
Your New Year's resolution will last one year! Give yourself a pat on the back! As you know, most resolutions don't live on past January. Yet somehow you'll manage to stay the course and keep your resolutions all year. Whatever you're resolving to change, you're more than capable of meeting your goals!

One Year