How Long Would You Have Survived Medieval Times?

Medieval times were full of challenges! Peasant life, disease, and clueless nobility; it wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Think you could have survived in Medieval times? Not everyone is cut out for this kind of life, are you? Answer these 10 quiz questions and we'll decide just how long you could have hacked it in the Medieval era! Not everyone can grow old...

Question 1/10
Would you consider yourself a religious person?
No, I'm an atheist.
Yes, but I don't take it very seriously.
I am around the holidays.
Yes, and I take it quite seriously.
I'm on the fence.

Question 2/10
How do you stay warm in the long cold winters?
I crank up the heating.
I start a fire.
A layer up my clothing.
I drink some liquor.
I cozy up with a loved one.

Question 3/10
A plague is upon your village. How will you protect yourself?
Quarantine myself from all people.
Wear a protective mask.
Douse myself in healing herbs.
Go to the doctor for a remedy.
Consult an astrologer.

Question 4/10
The crops have failed. What will you eat to survive?
I'll eat berries from the woods.
I'll eat whatever rodents I can find.
I steal food from other people.
I'll make due with what's in my cupboards.
I'll just starve.

Question 5/10
Do you believe in magic?
No, magic is quite fake.
Yes, I do.
I practice magic regularly.
I think some is real and some is fake.

Question 6/10
If you cut your hand while out and about, what would you do?
Wash it in the river.
Have it sewn off by a doctor.
Ignore it and get on with things.
Cauterize the wound.
Ask the local witch for a remedy.

Question 7/10
If someone accused you of witchcraft, what would you do?
Defend myself, obviously.
Ignore them, what do they know!
Cast a spell on them.
Gather the evidence to the contrary.

Question 8/10
You see the tax collector on his way to your door, but you don’t have enough to pay him! What do you do?
Pray for mercy.
Hide out.
Answer the door and kill him.
Make up an excuse.
Offer labor in place of payment.

Question 9/10
Where will you get fresh drinking water?
From the stream.
From the well.
From the pond.
I'm not sure...

Question 10/10
A drunk man is giving you a nasty look in the tavern. What do you do?
Leave quietly
Confront him
Buy him a drink
Fight him
Start a rumor about him
Whelp, life in Medieval times isn't for you! Sure, you maybe would have loved the freewheeling life style and lack of rules, but you likely would have succumb to disease or starvation. Remember, rats are not your friend! Do not eat the rats! Next time around, keep a keen sense of what has the potential to kill you...

6 Months
You would have survived for 10 years in Medieval times! Okay, so 10 years isn't a very long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not too shabby. While you would eventually succumb to disease or possibly even starvation, you'd make a nice go of it for a decade. You'd wine, dine, and enjoy some great tunes, but not everyone can evade the perils of medieval life for long.

10 Years
You would have lasted for 30 years in Medieval times! Hey, in this era, 30 might as well be 60. Life wasn't simply, nor was survival guaranteed. Unless you were nobility or royalty, things were pretty well miserable. Sure, there was wine and even good music, but there were also plague rats and mold and plenty of weird bathroom situations. Luckily, you'd get through the muck of it!

30 Years
You would have lasted in Medieval times for 20 years! Whoa, you really would have made the best of a pretty grimy situation, huh? Sure, the wine was good, but what about the lack of toilets and dirty rats? Despite everything, you have the fortitude and mental strength to get through it all. You know how to keep yourself alive in all sorts of situations, including the Medieval way of life!

20 Years
Okay, so you would have lasted just six years in Medieval times! While that's not terrible, it's not great either. Surely if you ever end up in an era like the Medieval one, you'll avoid the rats, the moldy bread and the unsavory bathroom habits next time!

6 Years