How Long Would You Survive In A Horror Movie?

Do you think you'd make it to the end of a horror movie? Take this quiz and find out just how long you'd survive in a terrifying film!

Question 1/10
Have you ever been labeled as clumsy or a klutz?
Yes I mean I frequently fall and drop things
Once or twice but I believe it was unfounded
I often find it difficult to walk
Only as a kid
Not that I can recall

Question 2/10
What do you believe is the proper footwear while lounging around the house?
No shoes
High heels

Question 3/10
The phone rings and the person on the other end is breathing heavily. You hear the sound of a knife being sharpened in the back. What do you do?
Hang up and call 911
Hang up and call a friend
Tell them I'm home alone
Try to strike up a conversation
Tell them the door is unlocked

Question 4/10
Where can you usually be found at a party?
In the corner by myself
In the center with the crowds
Hanging with my significant other
What party?
In the basement

Question 5/10
You're being chased by a knife wielding killer, you have to grab something to defend yourself quickly. What do you choose?
Fire poker
Butcher knife
A rock
Clothes hanger
Electrical cord

Question 6/10
You come home to find that the door is unlocked and the house is dark. No one is home. What do you do?
Announce loudly that I'm home
Whisper or shout "hello"
Leave immediately
Call the police from the car
Settle in and turn on the TV

Question 7/10
How athletic are you?
Very athletic
I work out
I'm in decent shape
I easily get winded
Movement is my enemy

Question 8/10
If being chased around the house, where do you believe is the most logical place to go?
Into a closet
The basement
Under a bed
Into the bathroom

Question 9/10
You're driving alone at night and notice that your being followed. What do you do?
Pull into a crowded store or area and scream for help
Call the police
Drive to my house
Pull over
Pull into a gas station

Question 10/10
If you suspected your house was haunted, what would you do?
Call a medium
Call a priest
Deal with it
Angrily tell the spirits to leave
Get a paranormal investigator
Congratulations. You would last until the very end of a horror film.You could outwit and outrun even the most macabre of horror villains. You've got what it takes to survive, when surviving is the only objective.

Until the End
You would make it halfway through the movie. With your creativity and your proclivity for hiding, you could easily make it to the middle. Watching your comrades fall is difficult, but you can carry on.

Halfway Through the Movie
You would last about thirty minutes in a horror film. Perhaps you slip on that dewey grass trying to outrun an axe wielding murder. Or maybe you answer the phone when you clearly know not to answer the phone. These small slip ups will ultimately lead to your untimely demise.

Thirty Minutes
You would last around fifteen minutes in a horror movie. Despite your keen observational skills and wit, your anxiety over the whole getting killed thing, will lead to you making a few costly mistakes. Hear a creaking in the basement? It's probably best not to go check it out alone. Now you know.

Fifteen Minutes
Unfortunately, you would make it just past the opening credits. Though you are intelligent, attractive, and cunning; there's no escaping the fact that you are a bit too clumsy. You're constantly falling and knocking things over. It's not the best trait to have in a horror film, but luckily you won't have to suffer through all of the gore.

Just Past the Opening Credits