How Long Would You Survive In Culinary School?

Sure, you might love to cook, but could you hack it in culinary school longer than a week? Take these 10 quiz questions and we'll decide just how long you would survive in culinary school. You may not be a chef after all!

Question 1/10
When someone criticizes you, how do you react?
I get very defenseive.
I learn from what they're saying.
I get very snappy.
I grin and bear it.
I criticize them back.

Question 2/10
You tend to work best when....
Under pressure
Meeting a deadline
Flying solo
With a team
In peace and quiet

Question 3/10
What do you believe is your best trait?
I'm quick on my feet.
I work well under pressure.
I'm kind and compassionate.
I'm tough and stubborn.
I'm very creative.

Question 4/10
You're asked to make a roux. What two ingredients do you grab?
Milk and eggs
Flour and butter
White wine and egg whites
Broth and corn meal

Question 5/10
What does it take to motivate you?
Money and lots of it.
A good challenge.
Perks or benefits.
Nothing I motivate myself!

Question 6/10
Culinary school can be stressful. How would you unwind after work?
Drinks at the bar
TV and some sleep
A long walk and a glass of wine
A good book
A warm bath

Question 7/10
How many rivals did you have in high school?
More than I can count.
Maybe one or two.
None, I wans't cool enough to have rivals.

Question 8/10
Lots of people have to work while in school. What would you do on the side?
Work in a kitchen of course.
Bar tend.
Work as a barista.
Work retail.
I wouldn't work.

Question 9/10
In cooking, a slurry _____ a liquid.
I don't know

Question 10/10
What's most important to you in life?
You could last for one week in culinary school! Sure, you might love to whip up a good meal and you think pretty quick on your feet, but you couldn't stand the pressure or the competition that often comes with being in culinary school. Maybe choose a different path!

One Week
You could last for two months in culinary school! You'd start out pretty strong and definitely keep up with the competition, but soon, the late nights, hectic schedule, and demanding nature of culinary school would weigh on your soul. You might just want to find a different career!

Two Months
You could last in culinary school for six months! Hey, six months is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, you're lasting far longer than most. You're quick on your feet, great under pressure, and truly a visionary when it comes to food. You have what it takes, will you chase your culinary dreams?

Six Months
You could last in culinary school for one year! You might want to start bragging now, because you're the perfect candidate for culinary school. You're awesome under pressure, great with competition, and you never sweat the small stuff. You're creative, visionary, and always committed to meeting your goals!

One Year
You could last in culinary school for as long as it takes! When you commit to something, you're in it for the long haul. Not only are you a true food savant and a visionary, but you've got the perfect attitude for culinary school. You're cool under pressure, competitive, and always looking for a way to get the upper hand!

As Long As It Takes