How Loyal And Faithful Were You In Your Past Relationships?

It's easy to say you were loyal and faithful in the past, but how tried and true were you really? Take these 10 questions and find out just how loyal you were in past relationships!

Question 1/10
You're in a relationship, yet a good looking co-worker always flirts with you. What do you do?
I explain to them that I'm in a happy relationship and that they're making me uncomfortable
I find the compliments amusing but I don't reciprocate
I go home and tell my mate about it
I flirt back
I ask them what they're doing after work

Question 2/10
You're out to dinner with a date and you see an attractive person making eyes at you. What do you do?
Point it out to my date and have a good laugh
Stare back discreetly
Make obvious glances in their direction
Ignore it and enjoy the company of my date
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
Why did your last relationship come to an end?
We just weren't right for one another
He cheated on me
I cheated on him
We wanted different things in life
I wasn't ready for a commitment

Question 4/10
Your partner is out of town on business when an old flame rolls in and asks to meet up. What do you do?
Decline a meet up and opt for some time to myself
Ask my partner if it's okay and if they're fine with it go
Meet up with them without telling my partner
Thinking about meeting up with them but ultimately decline
Consider how I would feel if the situation were reversed

Question 5/10
Have you ever felt bored by your current or past relationships?
Yes, yes, and yes
No way there's always something new and interesting to learn about a person
Not bored so much as restless
I can't recall feeling bored

Question 6/10
In your past relationships, who has been better looking, you or your mate?
My mate
We were always equals

Question 7/10
You decide to hang out with all of your old flirty pals from college who are all still single. All they talk about is their promiscuous lives, flings, and affairs. How do you feel?
Like I miss single life
Regretful that I settled down
Satisfied that I no longer have to worry about dating
Content with my life
Happy for them but a little bummed for myself

Question 8/10
Do you like dressing up to look good for your partner or for the people you meet when you go out?
My partner
The people I might meet

Question 9/10
How often do you lie to your significant other (past or present)?
I never lie to the person I'm with
I tell white lies to protect feelings
I lie so well it's scary
It depends on the situation

Question 10/10
What's the most important factor in a relationship?
Having things in common
In your past relationships, you were extremely loyal and faithful! You know that in a relationship, honesty is the foundation for a solid connection. Your ethics and morality have always made it impossible for you to double cross or betray the person you've committed yourself to. Because of your strong convictions and sense of right/wrong, you've always been an amazingly dedicated partner.

Extremely Loyal And Faithful
You have always been very loyal and faithful in past relationships! Your sense of empathy and compassion have always made it impossible for you to betray a partner. Not only do you completely devote yourself to a relationship when you're a part of one, but you have the ability to feel and see how your actions could potentially affect your partner.

Very Loyal And Faithful
You've always been pretty loyal and faithful in past relationships! While you may have experienced some moments of temptation or told a few white lies, you've never actually betrayed a partner. You know that hurting the person your with through dishonesty is not only hurtful, but it doesn't benefit you or your partner. Your self awareness and sense of morality have always made you a great partner.

Pretty Loyal And Faithful
You've always been somewhat loyal and faithful in past relationships! While you may be guilty of telling a few white lies and engaging in some mild flirtation, you've never purposely hurt a partner or betrayed them. You've always had a strong sense of loyalty to the person you're with, even if you knew the relationship wasn't headed anywhere. You've always put ethics above personal vices!

Somewhat Loyal And Faithful
Based on the this quiz, you've been a bit disloyal in your past relationships! It hasn't always been easy for you to be loyal, especially when you knew the relationship was doomed to fail. The good news is, you've learned from your mistakes and now you're not only a loyal and dedicated partner, but you've got a strong sense of empathy and morality to guide you.

A Bit Disloyal