How Many Husbands Will You Have?

Question 1/10
Which do you believe is most important in order to make a marriage work?

Question 2/10
What do you tend to do when faced with a dilemma?
Try to work the solve the problem
Find a solution to make everything work
Just ignore it
Just beat around the bush
Throw a fit

Question 3/10
Which is more important to you: looks or personality?
Both are equally important

Question 4/10
How many relationships have you been in?
I can't even remember

Question 5/10
What do you usually think about after a fight with a significant other?
How to reconcile with them
They need to apologize
They'll get over it, it's just a fight
We just drop the topic

Question 6/10
How would you most likely respond if your significant other critique you?
I would point out their flaws
Just listen and comply
Try to make it right
Just zone out
I'm not sure

Question 7/10
Does how much your partner earn play an important part in your relationship?
Of course. I want a lot of money
No as we both should pay equally
It's not really important to me
I don't care

Question 8/10
You introduce your significant other to your friends because:
They are just there so why not
To get their opinion of my significant other
You want to brag
You want to see how well they get along

Question 9/10
What are your conversations usually about?
Mostly flirting
Anything and everything
Deep discussions
Just daily life
Whatever they want to talk about

Question 10/10
Which describes the majority of your relationships best?
Long and boring
Long and happy
Just pretty easy
Short and argumentative
You will just have one man to hold your hand until the end of forever. This man will hopefully be your best friend, the man you can turn to for anything. This kind of love is rare so cherish it!

Just One
You will have two husbands that will wed you! Maybe they'll be at the same time, maybe they won't but all there is to know is that these men will see how beautiful you are and can't wait to marry you.

Two Husbands
You will have three husbands over the course of your life. Maybe things didn't work out well with the others but you'll find the happiness you deserve in life!

Three Husbands
In your lifetime, four husbands will be your limit. Maybe you stay with the last or maybe you divorce and never marry again but you're happy either way!

Four Husbands
You'll definitely have quite a few husbands in your lifetime! Maybe luck is not on your side but you know that you don't need a man to make you happy!

Ten Husbands
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