How Many Past Lives Have You Lived?

Ever wonder if your an old soul, a young soul, or somewhere in between? Take this quiz and find out! With a few in personality questions, your results will show you where you stand on the cosmic timeline.

Question 1/10

Would you say you are more of an extrovert (outgoing/sociable) or an introvert (quiet/alone)?
Definitely an extrovert!
Mostly an extrovert
In between
Mostly an introvert
Definitely an introvert!

Question 2/10
What do you like to do in your free time?
Play video games
Use my smart phone/ surf social media
Play an instrument/ sing/ dance
Be active/ adventure/ take hikes/ play sports
What free time?

Question 3/10

What best describes your personality in general?
Rebellious/ Unorthodox
Care free

Question 4/10
What could you absolutely not live more than 3 months without?
Smart Phone
Television/ movies/ netflix
Books/ or Art supplies/ or Music

Question 5/10
How often do you watch Television or use Social media apps on your smart phone weekly?
More than 40 hours
20 to 30 hours
10 to 20 hours
less than 10 hours

Question 6/10
Do you pursue knowledge outside of school/ required education?
Yes, I am constantly reading/ researching
Yes, I do sometimes but not always
No not really, I mostly like to do other things in my free time
Never! teaching myself is boring

Question 7/10
What would you consider yourself more closely involved with?
Media/ pop culture
Holistic Health/ Natural living

Question 8/10
How do you feel about others?
Most people get in the way, they're annoying
Everyone wants the same thing, happiness/peace.
We should all stand more united
I dont mind other people
As long as I have a few close friends and family I'm all good
Everyone is my friend!

Question 9/10

What would you rather do?
Become rich and famous
Make an impact on the world
Become an expert in any field

Question 10/10
Have you ever been inclined to buy organic/ non-GMO?
What is organic/ non-GMO?
No, thats dumb
I try to as much as possible
Always!! I'm very conscious of what I put into my body
Through living many lives you have grown dissatisfied with trying to make friends with those you find it hard to relate to. This has made you tend to enjoy your alone time quite often. You naturally gravitate towards the intellectual side of life as you are determined to follow knowledge, truth, and wisdom. Due to your thoughtful and introspective nature, you tend to see the bigger picture in life. Your dreams may seem vivid to you due to your strong connection to your soul and higher self. Lucid dreaming may come to you more naturally. You are non-materialistic, and you grow more spiritually inclined day by day. These traits help you reflect upon your actions, and the actions of others as well. Therefor, you may also find that you learn quickly, and adapt exceptionally well to change. You may find great peace and enjoyment from meditation and/or yoga to quiet the mind, if you do not already practice... try it out!

You Are A Very Old Soul!
Although you have much to learn, you have experienced more than most. Your soul is old indeed, and has lived through several lives. However, you have more knowledge to gain in future endeavors. You may find that you require space from the outside world to get your head straight again. You find escapism in your day to day hobbies, yet you do so in ways that surprisingly benefit your mind, body, or soul. This could be anything from reading, writing, painting, playing an instrument, or even playing video games. Social media and television may pull your attention here and there, however you find that for the most part have better things to do with your time. Try to focus your energies on relieving your mind of every day stress, and focusing on the things your heart loves. Never steer astray from your instincts, they are there for a reason.

Your Soul Has Lived Many Lives...

You have lived a few lives, but not all that you are fated for. Each life always teaches you more, something new, to help you transcend in consciousness. In this life, you always feel somewhere in between. You are sometimes an extrovert, and sometimes an introvert. You may not have always felt like you fit in, however at times you felt quite at home with the companions around you. Sometimes you eat junk food, and other times you may eat healthy, or spend a few days a week at the gym. You never know exactly where you're going, but the good news is that you are going somewhere. You embrace change with positivity, and even when the going gets rough you always seem to pick yourself up, maybe with the help of a few close friends. Don't be worried if you you don't have every thing all figured out. Life is all about the journey, so enjoy the balance... it is a beautiful part of your this life's learning experience.

Your Soul Is Not Old, But It Is Not Young...

Although your soul is young, you have lived a couple past lives. You are not all inexperienced, but you have a long way to go. You tend to be more sociable, and find great comfort in escapism. It is great to be young and free, but you want to be careful of your gullibility. You may be easily fooled, tricked, or manipulated, and these are things you must watch out for. Try putting down the smart phone, laptop, gaming controller, and turn off the television, apps, etc. Go outside a little more, and learn to find peace in the quiet among nature. This will naturally relieve stress, and you will find that your mind will have less control of you. You must remember that your thoughts control your reality. Therefor, stay positive ...and manifest wisely!

At Least You Weren't Born Yesterday!
You may have only lived a life or two. Although they were a very meaningful start to your journey, there is still so much you have yet to learn. You may feel that life seems to be a constant competition. You think a lot concerning "me" vs "you" rather than thinking "us" or "we". You may automatically adopt the beliefs and ideologies of those who teach you, however you must accept the responsibility of confirming your own reality. Do more of your own research and invest more time into you. Follow your heart, and your instincts more. Not everything needs to be a competition, so don't strive to impress others. Make goals that will satisfy your own dreams, and coincide with what you love. Trust in the universe, and most importantly trust in yourself. You can do this!

Your Soul Has A Lot To Learn