How Many Times Will You Be Married?

You might think you'll only be walking down the aisle once in your life, but how many times will you actually be married? Ready to find out how many rings times you'll be a blushing bride? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How many relationships have you been in?

Question 2/10
When you are in a relationship, how soon do you start thinking about marriage?
I don't think about it until the other person brings it up.
A few weeks into dating.
Once we've hit the six month point.
After a year or more.

Question 3/10
How soon do you tell someone that you love them?
It takes me a long time to say it.
Within a few weeks.
After a couple of months.
After they say it to me.

Question 4/10
You're 30, you are single, and you don't have kids. Are you worried?
Worried about what? I'm having a great time!
I'm a bit worried to be honest.
I am definitely going to die alone.
I'm freaking out.

Question 5/10
Your partner likes pepper jack cheese but you like swiss. Which do you buy at the store?
Swiss, it's all about me!
Pepper jack.
I buy both.

Question 6/10
Are you good at picking up on "vibes"?

Question 7/10
The most important thing in a relationship is...

Question 8/10
When someone criticizes you, what do you do?
Critisize them back and point out their flaws.
Laugh and move on.
Start dwelling on it.

Question 9/10
You introduce your significant other to your friends because..
I want their opinion.
I want them to be a part of my life.
I want to lock him down fast.

Question 10/10
Your conversations are usually about...
Life and work
Everyday ups and downs
Dreams and aspirations
Complaining about what's going wrong
Anything and everything
You're going to get married one time! Lucky you, you'll find your one true love the first time around. You're a firm believer that when something is right, it's right. You don't mess with fate and simply let the universe steer you in the right direction.

One Time
You'll be married a total of two times! Hey, sometimes that first trip down the aisle just doesn't work out. Luckily, the universe is going to give you a second chance at love. On your second marriage, you'll find the love, companionship, and loyalty that you crave!

Two Times
You'll be married three times! They say the third time is a charm and in your case it has never been truer. Though your first two marriages aren't going to work out to a happy ending, your third will be everything you've ever hoped for and more. Hold on out for lucky number three!

Three Times
You'll be married four times! Life is all about growing, changing, and learning who you are. Though your first few marriages won't work out- you'll learn valuable life lessons that will lead you into the arms of lucky number four. Sometimes what you think are failures are actually just learning opportunities!

Four Times
You'll be married a total of five times! Life is unpredictable. Sometimes what you think is going to work out doesn't and you have to rebuild your life and move on. Your first few marriages won't pan out the way you had always hoped, but that's not the end of your love story. On number five, you'll finally find the person you've been waiting for your whole life!

Five Times