How Much Charisma Do You Have?

Are you a natural born charmer? Do people after marvel at your charisma and ability to interact with others? Well, we'll see about that! Take this quiz and find out how charismatic you really are!

Question 1/10
How much effort do you put into getting dressed each morning?
30-40 minutes
20-30 minutes
15-20 minutes
10-15 minutes
Zero effort

Question 2/10
When you are out and hear a good song, do you feel compelled to dance?
Only if other people are dancing
Yes I can't help but move to the beat
I secretly wish to dance but don't
No way

Question 3/10
How easy is it for you to strike up a conversation with a stranger?
Easier than it should be
Very easy
It depends on the stranger
I can do it but prefer not to
It's difficult for me

Question 4/10
If you were invited to a party where you didn't know anyone but the host, would you attend?
Most definitely
Yes of course
Probably not

Question 5/10
Describe your laugh:
Loud and buoyant
Soft and noiseless
Jolly and jubilant
Quiet and short

Question 6/10
How good are you at picking up on small details?
I notice everything
I'm pretty good at it
I notice most things
I'm fairly oblivious

Question 7/10
Do you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve?
Yes always
No not at all

Question 8/10
Do people tend to come to you for advice or good conversation?
It depends what they need advice about

Question 9/10
Would people consider you to be flakey?
No way
I have flakey tendencies
I always stick to my plans

Question 10/10
Have you ever been told that you should be an actress?
On more than one occasion
Once or twice
Not that I can recall
I'm quite shy
You are extremely charismatic! You have a way with people that is simply not inherent in most personalities. Charm? You got it! Humor? You're making them laugh all day! You're just about as charismatic as they come.

Extremely Charismatic
You ooze charisma! You just can't help it, wherever you go people are drawn to your natural charisma and charm. You have a way with words and a way with people.

Oozing Charisma
You are a natural born charmer! People just can't help but like you. You know how to hold a conversation, make others laugh, and just diffuse any kind of tension in a room. You are truly charismatic!

Natural Born Charmer
You have charismatic tendencies! You can be extraordinarily charming when you want to be, but very often, you just don't feel like putting on a show. That's okay, being the center of attention can be daunting at times.

Charismatic Tendencies
You are delightfully charismatic! People can't wait to invite you to their dinner parties and get togethers. You are often the center of attention, holding the gaze of everyone in the room, and slaying them with your killer conversational skills!

Delightfully Charismatic