How Much Of A Baking Expert Are You?

Can you bake almost anything?

Question 1/10
Have you ever burned yourself on the stove?
Many times
A few times
When I was a kid

Question 2/10
How often do you use the microwave?
Multiple times a day
Once a day
A few times a week
I don't own a microwave

Question 3/10
Can you measure without measuring cups?
No, that's impossible
It depends on what the ingredient is

Question 4/10
Do you have a full set of measuring cups and spoons?
I used to, but I lost some

Question 5/10
How often do you bake?
Few times a week
Few times a month
Few times a year

Question 6/10
Has anyone ever complimented you for something you've baked?
Yes, all the time
Yes, but only once

Question 7/10
Do you have to read instructions when baking something?
Yes, who doesn't?
It depends on the recipe

Question 8/10
Has your fire alarm ever gone off when baking something?
Every time
Once or twice

Question 9/10
How often do you look for new recipes?
Couple times a week
Couple times a month
Only around the holidays
I never look for new recipes

Question 10/10
Do you like learning about new baking techniques?
Yes, as much as I can
When I have the time
No, that's boring
No, I've already learned everything there is to know
You probably just started cooking or you're just not the best at it because you're still a beginner at it! You know that with a ton of practice, you'll eventually get where you want to be.

You're A Beginner
You're not the best at it but you happen to be a bit better than a beginner at it. You know you could still use a lot of work so you'll be working hard until you get it down.

You're Okay At It
You know there's quite a bit that you still have to learn but you're trying your best at it. You have a few simple recipes that you've mastered making by now.

You're A Novice
You're pretty much a master when it comes to baking. You know how to make the more difficult desserts with hardly any trouble.

You're A Master
You have no trouble baking almost any dessert that you can think of. You've had many years and tons of practice to become as good as you have.

You're An Expert