How Much Of A City Girl Are You Really?

Are you the ultimate city girl at heart? Would you do anything for the city you love? It's time to find out just how much of a city girl you really are! Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
You walk into a bar and it's $12 for a cocktail. What do you do?
Order a whole round, that's cheap!
Make a beeline for the door!
Opt for a bottle of wine at home!

Question 2/10
Where do you always get your fruits and veggies from?
The farmer's market
Whole Foods
The local grocery store
Wherever is cheapest

Question 3/10
What time do you go to bed at night?
3 AM
12 AM
10 PM
9 PM

Question 4/10
Does noise bother you?

Question 5/10
How do you get around town?
It varies

Question 6/10
Which word would you use to describe yourself?

Question 7/10
You’re invited to a potluck at a friend’s house, what’re you bringing?
Homemade casserole
A veggie tray
Whatever I can grab on the way

Question 8/10
Do you like knowing your neighbors?
Ugh, no way!
Yes, of course!
I like knowing of them.
It depends.

Question 9/10
What kind of pet do you prefer?
I don't like animals

Question 10/10
Do you ever plan to change career?
A couple of times.
Maybe once or twice.
No way, I'm happy where I'm at.
I don't know.
Guess what? You're 100% city girl! You live and breath for the city you love most. You love the hustle, the noise, the smells, and the culture. You feel the city you love deep within your bones! Whether it's standing out for a taxi in the rain, people watching in the park, or doing whatever it takes to make your biggest dream come true, your as city as they come!

100% City Girl
You're 70% a city girl! It's clear that you truly love the city and spending all of your time in the hustle of an urban area. You're a cultured and intelligent woman who prides yourself on knowing who you are and what you want. You love the variety, the culture, and the people that only a city could bring!

70% City Girl
You're 50% a city girl! Though you love spending a day or two in the city at a time, you're not a full on city girl just yet. Sure, the food and sights might be awesome in small doses, but you'd miss the wide open spaces of the country mighty fast. You can thrive in the city when you want to, but most of the time, you just want the fresh air that only life outside of the country can bring!

50% City Girl
You're 30% a city girl! You're a street smart hustler who knows what it takes to thrive in the big city. While you love visiting the city you love for a day or two at a time, you're not a full on city girl just yet. Though a fast paced urban life might be for you sometimes, you often crave a slower pace outside of the city!

30% City Girl
You are 10% a city girl! Though you might like a bit of time in the city every now and then, you're not much of a city girl at heart. In fact, you're a total country girl through and through! You love wide open spaces, clean country air, and bright blue skies overhead. You love friendly folks who know your name and seeing familiar faces everywhere you go!

10% City Girl