How Much Of A Gift Giver Are You?

Do you tend to spoil people with gifts?

Question 1/10
When do you start your holiday shopping?
Last minute
I buy gifts throughout the year
Sometime in November
It depends

Question 2/10
Pick a festive word

Question 3/10
What type of gifts do you tend to buy?
Gift vouchers
Something handmade

Question 4/10
Where would you most easily find a gift to buy?
In a bookstore
In a liquor store
A clothing store

Question 5/10
Are you sentimental?

Question 6/10
How do you feel about giving joke gifts?
They cheapen the feeling of gift giving
I love them
They're alright

Question 7/10
Which of these gifts would you most likely get your mother?
A spa day
A painting

Question 8/10
Do you ever expect gifts in return?
Of course not
It depends on the person
Yes I do

Question 9/10
Do you usually spoil people with gifts?
All the time
No I don't

Question 10/10
Which gift would you most likely give to your partner/lover?
A trip
A romantic dinner
A love letter
Gadget or jewelry
You give just the right amount of gifts! You're generous about your gifts and you're always on the mark. You figure out what everyone wants and you tend to go out of your way to make them happy.

Perfect Gift Giver
When you buy gifts, you tend to above what's expected. You love making the people you love happy and you get so many gifts because you can't wait to see the look on their face when they open them.

You Tend To Spoil
When you give gifts, you make sure to buy or create the perfect thing for that person. For you giving gifts is an expression of love and you want to make sure that shows.

You Get One Perfect Thing
You sometimes wait until the last moments to get a gift but you make sure to always pick out a great gift. You don't buy gifts just on sentiment alone but research and make sure that's it the perfect gift.

Pretty Good Gift Giver