How Naughty Or Nice Have You Been?

Tis' the season to find out just how naughty or nice you've been this year! Take this quiz and put your behavior to the test!

Question 1/10
Do you believe you deserve coal in your stocking?
Yeah probably
No way
It's up in the air

Question 2/10
Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks?
Both obviously

Question 3/10
Have you re-gifted at all in the last year?
Guilty as charged
No that's terrible
Once or twice

Question 4/10
How often have you held the door open for others this year?
Every time I can
When it's convenient for me
Hardly ever

Question 5/10
When the weather outside is frightful, what do you stay inside and do?
Drink heavily
Watch movies
Call a friend up to gossip

Question 6/10
What would be your favorite Valentine's Day gift?
A nice dinner
Some flowers
Anything homemade
Sexy lingerie

Question 7/10
How often do you change the toilet paper roll without being asked?
When I feel like it

Question 8/10
Choose your worst offense:
Stealing Wi-Fi
Not flossing
Bringing smelly food to the office
Not returning phone calls

Question 9/10
In the past year, have you ever taken the last slice of pizza or pie without asking?
Once or twice

Question 10/10
Do you ever respond "K" in a text message when feeling annoyed?
Ugh that's so me
Nope that's rude
Only if I'm really annoyed
You've been nothing but nice this year! Expect Christmas presents en masse. Not only have you been genial, kind, and on your best behavior; but you've also gone above and beyond to help others.

Nothing But Nice
Uh-oh, you've been a bit naughty this year. Even if your transgression was as simple as cutting someone off in traffic or failing to hold open a door, you're on the naughty list.

Nearly Naughty
You've been nice and sweet this year! There's nothing naughty about you. You've been on your best behavior all year and it'll show on Christmas morning. But remember, the best present of all is knowing that you always do the right thing.

Nice And Sweet
You've been a little naughty this year. While we doubt you'll be receiving coal in your stocking, you weren't exactly on your best behavior since last Christmas. Air on the side of caution and sweeten up before December 25th arrives!

A Little Naughty
You were nice with a naughty side! Like so many of us, you're almost always nice, except for when you're feeling a bit daring. You've got a naughty side, but like a good person, you never use your naughtiness in a malicious way.

Nice With A Naughty Side