How Old Do You Really Behave?

Question 1/10
Time to go on a date! What place would you choose?
An amusement park
The movie theaters
I leave it up to them
To the mall
Out to a nice dinner

Question 2/10
What would you say your sense of humor is?
Immature jokes
Dry humor
Sarcastic jokes
I like almost every type

Question 3/10
What can you most likely be found doing on a Friday night?
Going to a party somewhere
At a sleepover
Out drinking
Spending time with loved ones at home
Most likely sleeping

Question 4/10
Do you usually worry what people may think about you?
All the time
Not really anymore
I do every once in awhile
No, I've let it go

Question 5/10
Does your sense of style change often?
Yeah, I like following the trends
Yes because I want to figure out what I like
Not really
Hardly at all
Been the same for years

Question 6/10
What do you cherish most in your life?

Question 7/10
Do you believe in finders keepers?
Of course not!
Yeah, they lost it
It depends

Question 8/10
How often would you say you lie?
Almost all the time
A few times a week

Question 9/10
In your life right now, which one is more important?
My career
My wellbeing

Question 10/10
What's something you greatly desire?
You have a sense of growing maturity that is sometimes overshadowed by immaturity. You like to have fun in life and sometimes forget your responsibilities.

Life may seem like a battle to you. You still feel misunderstood and you don't feel like you belong anywhere. You're still figuring yourself out.

You begun to embrace the adult aspect of your life more and it comes with a growing maturity. You still want to have fun in life but you make sure to think about the important things first.

You feel more comfortable in your skin than you did as a kid. You aren't as worried about what others think and that comes with a sense of peace.

You been through so much in life that things hardly surprise you now. You're much more at peace with your life.

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