How Old Is Your Soulmate?

If you believe in fate, then you believe that every person has a soulmate. One individual who is so perfectly suited for them, it's almost as if the heavens crafted them in your favor. Just how old will your soulmate be when you finally meet? Let's reveal the number after the quiz!

Question 1/10
Which of these things do you like the most?

Question 2/10
What was your childhood like?
Wonderful, almost perfect.
It was pretty normal.
It could have been better.
It was kind of rough.

Question 3/10
Which of these things would you most like to get?
A compliment
A hug
A high-fve
A pizza

Question 4/10
How do you show love?
Through words.
Through touch.
Through gifts.
Through time.

Question 5/10
How do you feel about going on dates?
It's stressful.
It's fun.
It's hit or miss.
It's exciting.

Question 6/10
Which best describes you?
Old soul

Question 7/10
What is most important to you in a partner?

Question 8/10
Has anyone ever told you that you're mature for your age?
I can't recall

Question 9/10
Which would you rather read?

Question 10/10
Which is more important to you?
According to these results, your soulmate is just one year older than you! Given that you and your soulmate are so close in age, you grew up in the same generation and are familiar with the same things. This will not only bond you to one another, but allow you to reminisce about the past and the way things were. You'll truly grow old together!

One Year Older Than You
According to these results, your soulmate is five years younger than you! Your soulmate will be younger, but don't think for a second that they'll be immature. Instead, they'll bring a bit of youthful adventure to the table and keep urging you to live a life full of excitement. They'll be an amazing travel companion and the sort of person who will always keep you feeling young at heart.

Five Years Younger Than You
According to these results, your soulmate will be ten years older than you! You've always been an old soul who much prefers a quite life to one of constant excitement. When you dated people your own age or younger, there always seemed to be a disconnect in wants and maturity. By dating someone older, you'll finally feel like you're with a partner who is on your level!

Ten Years Older Than You
Your soulmate is the exact same age as you! Not only did you grow up in the same generation, but you crave the same things in life and have similar goals. Because your the same age, there will be zero disconnect in terms of the things you love and your overall maturity. A match made in heaven? We think so!

The Same Age