How Optimistic Are You?

For some people the glass is always half full and for others half empty. How optimistic are you? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
You applied for a job and thought the interview went really well. Unfortunately, they didn't give the position to you. How do you react?
I feel disappointed but then remember that something better will come along soon
I try to remember that it might not have been the right fit
I express gratitude for the opportunity and move on
I cry into my pillow for days on end
I wallow in my defeat

Question 2/10
You're invited to a dinner party where you won't know anyone except the host. Do you attend?
Yes it's a good chance to meet new people
Probably the host will introduce me to everyone
Only if I can talk one of my friends into coming with me
No it'd be way too awkward

Question 3/10
How do you react to being stuck in traffic?
I seize it as an opportunity to do car karaoke
I stay calm and remember that there's nothing I can do
I use it as a chance to get some good thinking in
I get frustrated for a few minutes
I weave in and out of traffic angrily

Question 4/10
You've been struggling in your love life recently. What do you attribute as the cause?
I just haven't met the right person yet
I need more time alone to discover myself
The timing isn't quite right
There must be something wrong with me
I'm hideous and terrible

Question 5/10
How much do you enjoy being around other people?
I love it
I enjoy it
It depends on the day
I like to keep to myself mostly

Question 6/10
Do you consider yourself to be confident or self conscious?
Extremely confident
Somewhat confident
I can hold my own
I can be a bit self conscious
I'm kind of hard on myself

Question 7/10
Describe yourself in one word:

Question 8/10
What motto best fits your life philosophy?
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
"If it's meant to be it will happen"
"Dwell on the beauty in life"
"You'll never find a rainbow if your looking down"
"Woe is me"

Question 9/10
Can one person actually change the world?
If they want to badly enough
No it takes a lot of people to create change

Question 10/10
How do you feel about rainy days?
I love them
They're soothing
They make me feel a bit down
You are an eternal optimist. No matter what occurs in your life, you remain optimistic that the outcome will turn out in a positive way. You always see the sunny side of things and never fret over "what ifs" or imaginary scenarios.

Eternal Optimist
You are an open optimist. For the most part, you always see the glass as half full. You strive to see the good in every situation, even if others deem it negative.

Open Optimist
You are pretty positive. Like most people, you have moments where you are extremely optimistic and bubbly, but you also have moments where things can seem a bit overwhelming. \

Pretty Positive
You are beautifully buoyant. Life can't get you down, can it? No matter what the situation, you remain a positive and optimistic person. You strive to see the good in the bad. You have an amazing sense of humor that allows you to keep everything in perspective.

Beautifully Buoyant
You are somewhat optimistic. You have good days and bad days just like everyone else. It can be tough to remain optimistic all of the time, but that's okay. Sometimes you need to recognize struggle in order to reap the rewards of success.

Somewhat Optimistic