How Passive Aggressive Are You?

We all have the tendency to be a bit passive aggressive at times at times.. The question is , how passive aggressive are you? Take these 10 questions and find out just how passive aggressive you have a tendency to be!

Question 1/10
What would you do to stop your roommates or family members from eating your food?
Bring it up in conversation
Lick all of their food
Write your name on all of your food
Start eating their food

Question 2/10
You notice that your neighbors have been using your wi-fi instead of buying their own. What is your course of action?
Cancel my wifi altogether
Change the network name to "my wi-fi"
Let it go maybe they're having money issues
Password protect the network

Question 3/10
You have the luxury of being seated next to a loud chewer at the dinner table. What do you do?
Chew loudly too
Secretly wish ill upon them
Throw things in their direction
Ask them to quiet down

Question 4/10
Your boss wants you to take on a new project. You really don't want to take on this project. What do you do?
I quit on the spot
Start behaving poorly at work so I get taken off the project
Explain your not the best fit for the job

Question 5/10
What would your dream doormat say?
I'm Not Home
Oh, you....

Question 6/10
You've asked your spouse to do the dishes several nights this week and he hasn't done them once. What's your course of action?
Leave a guilt trip note
Just do the dishes
Dramatically eat cereal out of a cake pan

Question 7/10
What's your final word in an argument?
I forgive you

Question 8/10
What do you do if you feel someone is taking advantage of your good nature?
Start taking advantage of them
Confront them
Talk to them about how you're feeling

Question 9/10
Do you ever feel threatened by assertive people?
No because I am an assertive person
Every so often
Always they terrify me

Question 10/10
Your neighbors are throwing an extremely loud house party on a work night. What do you do?
Pump extremely loud Gregorian chant the next night
Leave anonymous mean notes in their mailbox
Give them a call and ask them to keep it down a bit
Based on the results of this quiz, you are very passive aggressive! In fact, you might be the queen of passive aggressive revenge stunts. You will rarely confront a person face to face, but you will leave notes, seek strange acts of revenge, and generally give the cold shoulder.

Very Passive Aggressive
You are somewhat passive aggressive! While you're hardly the reigning queen of passive aggressive behavior, you still partake in your fair share of passive aggressive acts. From purposely licking all of your roommate's food items to sabotaging their shampoo for using yours, you can definitely be a bit passive aggressive at times!

Somewhat Passive Agressive
You are not passive aggressive at all! In your mind, passive aggressive behavior is futile and benefits no one. It's easier just to confront the person you're having a problem with, rather than trying to teach them a lesson. Words sometimes speak louder than actions when it comes to doing the right thing!

Not Passive Aggressive At All