How Positive Is Your Energy?

The energy that you put out into the world can be positive or negative. Sometimes we emit good vibes that change the energy around us. Other times, we struggle to keep our energies high. How positive is your energy really? Are you giving off the positive energy you think you are? Let's find out today!

Question 1/10
How do we give the World an "Attitude Adjustment"?
Kill others with kindness.
Focus less on material goods.
Help anyone who needs it.
Say what's on your mind.

Question 2/10
People were the most beautiful in which period of time?
The Victorian Era
The Roaring 20s
the Sixties
The Renaissance

Question 3/10
What's the most important type of balance in life?
Mind & body
Work & home
Nature & Nurture
Happiness & sadness

Question 4/10
You have been asked to give a speech on one you're passionate about. What topic do you choose?

Question 5/10
Pick a word that symbolizes your life energy.

Question 6/10
You always follow your...
Gut instincts
Moral compass

Question 7/10
How does a sunrise affect you emotionally?
It makes me feel calm.
IT makes me feel rejuvinated.
It makes me feel awakened.
It gives me hope.

Question 8/10
Which negative emotion do you avoid?

Question 9/10
Do you fall in love quite easily?
Yes, within moments.
It takes me a few weeks.
It takes me months.
It can take years.

Question 10/10
If you could live in any continent besides North America, which would you choose?
South America
Your energy is downright electrifying. Not only is it positive and filled with hope, but it inspires those around you to feel more positive as well. While some people give off toxic energy or draining vibes, you make everyone feel totally electrified and alive.

Electrifying And Positive
The energy you give off isn't just positive, it is inspiring. When you enter a room, everyone around you feels your positive energy and optimism. You exude hope, much in the same way that a spiritual guru or religious leader would. Your presence is as calming as it is positive.

Extremely Positive
You give off a somewhat positive energy. Most of the time, the energy you exude is highly influenced by your overall mood and aura. When you're feeling a bit defeated or down, your energy will be dull or negative. When you're feeling joyous, your energy is positive and totally inspiring.

Somewhat Positive
Your energy is a little bit negative! While you can certainly give off positive energy from time to time, you often give off negative energy. Through no fault of your own, circumstances have left your energy levels feeling a bit depleted. Because of this, you can't give off the positive and happy vibes you once did!

A Little Negative