How Prepared Are You For An Earthquake?

Depending on where you live, earthquakes are an unpredictable inevitability. After all, you can't stop one from happening! While there's not much you can do about an earthquake, you can be prepared for what happens after. How prepared are you for an earthquake? Prepared enough to withstand the big one? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Right now, are all bookcases and heavy furniture pieces bolted to a wall?
Yes, and I don't hang anything heavy above my bed.
I have a few items bolted down.
Nope, they're just kind of hanging out.

Question 2/10
Not everything in an emergency kit needs to be practical. Which of the following is in yours?
Batteries and a reading lamp.
Fun games that don't require electricity.
Bottles of wine.
Treats for myself and my pet.

Question 3/10
Do you know what a grab-and-go bag is?
Yes, and each member of my family has one.
Kind of, I do have some stuff packed away.
No, I've never heard of it.

Question 4/10
While driving, you notice the road start to shake. What do you do?
Drive home as quickly as possible.
Drive to a wide open field.
Pull over and stop.
Exit the car and walk to safety.

Question 5/10
Mother Nature starts rumbling while you are in the pool. What do you do?
Stay in the pool until the shaking stops.
Dive deeper under the water
Get out of the pool and hide on the patio.
Get out of the pool and run to safety.

Question 6/10
You're in bed when the earthquake starts. What do you do?
Get out of bed and run outside.
Get out of bed and run to the living room.
Get out and stand under a door frame.
Stay in bed under the covers.

Question 7/10
Pick the worst place to hang out during an earthquake:
A library
A meadow
A street
A bathroom

Question 8/10
How much cash do you keep out of the bank at a time?
None, I just use my debit card.
A few hundred dollars.
Maybe $100 at a time.
Just some singles.

Question 9/10
Next to your bed, there is always..
A pair of shoes.
A flashlight.
A glass of water.
A pair of pants.

Question 10/10
Does your family have an emergency plan in place?
Yes, for earthquakes and fires.
Eh, we've talked about it once or twice.
Nope, none.
When it comes to earthquakes, you're just about as prepared as they come! You know that surviving a natural disaster isn't just about what you do after, it's how you handle yourself during the actual catastrophe. So much of making it out of an earthquake alive involves doing the right things as the ground shakes beneath you. Luckily, you're intelligent and logical. You've got a plan that will easily get you out alive!

As Prepared As They Come.
If mother nature were to pay a visit today, you'd be more than prepared. Unlike most people, you know what to do during and after an earthquake. You have a plan, plenty of supplies, and the common sense to follow protocols. While many would put their lives in danger, you would be just fine. In fact, you may even save a few lives!

Very Prepared.
Mother nature sure loves being unpredictable. Luckily, you know a thing or two about safety during and after an earthquake. While you still have a few things that you need to brush up on, it's clear that you've studied up on how to stay safe and make it through mother nature's most troubling moments.

Earthquake Ready.
Right now, you're totally unprepared for an earthquake! It came down to you vs. mother nature, she's going tow in every time. While you might have a pretty rudimentary knowledge of earthquake procedures, you're not quite keen on survival techniques or emergency preparedness. Brush up and be ready for the next one!

Totally Unprepared!