How Strong Is Your Love?

Do you and your partner have a strong bond?

Question 1/10
How upset would you be if your partner left you?
I'd be devastated
I'd be heartbroken
I'd be pretty sad
I wouldn't be too upset

Question 2/10
Do you feel happy when you do things to make your partner happy?
Of course
Not really
No I don't

Question 3/10
Which do you believe is the most important quality for your partner to have?
Strong communications skills

Question 4/10
Would you say you and your partner communicate well?
Not at all
Sometimes we do
Yes we do

Question 5/10
How long have you two been together?
Under a year
2-5 years
6-7 years
8-9 years
10+ years

Question 6/10
Do you ever feel like someone else could make your partner happier than you?
All the time
Only after fights
I never feel like that

Question 7/10
How well does your partner know you?
Better than anyone
Better than most people but not more than your best friend
Not very much

Question 8/10
Who do you usually blame when you're unhappy?
My significant other
Sometimes me but sometimes my partner

Question 9/10
What do you think about when you think about your relationship?
The good times
The good and bad times
The bad times

Question 10/10
How often do you two fight?
Every day
Every few days
Once a week
Once a month
I don't even know
You have a infinite amount of love for your partner that you sometimes have trouble showing. You know that your partner is the perfect person for you and you couldn't imagine living without them. They're your rock and you're glad they're by your side.

It's Infinite
You have quite a strong bond with your partner that many people admire and envy. You know that your partner always has your back and that you're in it together for the long run. You two are the best of friends and you couldn't be happier.

Immensely Strong
You and your partner have a strong bond that no one can break. Your partner is the most important person in your life and you couldn't imagine a life without them by your side. You know that you can trust and rely on them no matter what.

Incredibly Strong
You and your partner have a pretty strong bond. While you two may fight from time to time, you know that you have each other's backs in the end. You know that there will be tough times but you're willing to go through them together.

Pretty Strong
You know that you and your partner could work on the strength of your bond a bit more. You fight from time to time which you can't help but hate. You still love them greatly though and you know your love will be stronger with just a bit of work.

Not The Strongest