How Tough Are You Really?

Are you tough enough to take this quiz? Do you want to know?

Question 1/10
What kind of movies do you like the most?
Romantic comedies

Question 2/10
Choose a job
Preschool teacher
Prison guard

Question 3/10
What would you do if someone hits you while passing on the street?
I don't even notice it
I sigh and move on
Depends on my mood
I will turn and yell or something like that
I'll immediately start a fight

Question 4/10
What do you think about being late to work?
I don't even like to think about it
Nah, I'm too responsible for that
It's happened a few times, no big deal
I'm late so often, I don't know how I'm not fired by now
No rules apply to me

Question 5/10
Do people look like they're afraid of you?
Not at all!
Maybe sometimes
All the time

Question 6/10
Do you dance?
Yeah, and I love tango
Just when I go out
I would, but I'm ashamed
No, it will ruin my image

Question 7/10
What sounds like the most terrifying thing in the world?
Arguing with parents
Getting into a fight
Saying "I love you"

Question 8/10
Favorite Saturday night activity?
Staying at home with a movie or a book
Going out, but doing a quiet activity, like movies and walk
Happy hour!
Going out and starting a fight with someone

Question 9/10
Do you enjoy extreme sports?
Not at all
Yeah, to watch them
They are the best

Question 10/10
Do you regularly work out?
2-3 times a day
Yeah, every day
2-3 times a week
I start at the beginning of each month and quit quickly
Nearly never
Nobody's more emotional and softer than you. You're such a sweetheart that you evoke protective behavior in others. They know you're harmless and will protect you if needed.

Soft As A Marshmallow
You're generally a soft type, but when the situation requires, you can be tougher. You don't like doing it, but if you have to, you will.

More Soft Than Tough
You know how to make a balance between tough and soft. You have pretty good understanding of situations around you and which amount of toughness they require.

Pretty Tough
You are really tough, strong and reliable, but you have softer moments. Your softer side becomes visible only with people you feel you can trust, but even with them rarely.

As Tough As It Gets
Do you ever take a break? You're the definition of toughness, so strong that nothing can move you. Your friends and family feel incredibly safe around you, and others avoid getting in your way.

Impossibly Tough