How Well Do You Understand Friendship?

Being a friend is often more than what meets the eye. Do you understand true friendship? Not everyone does. Answer these 10 quiz questions truthfully to reveal your insight into friendship. You may not know as much as you think!

Question 1/10
Who initiates contact between you and your friends?
I do
They do
It's a mix

Question 2/10
Where did you meet most of your friends?
Work or school.
Mutual friends.

Question 3/10
Can you count the number of close friends you have on one hand?
I'd rather not say...

Question 4/10
Your friend's birthday is coming up, what do you have planned?
I'm going to throw them a party.
I'm going to get everyone together for dinner and cake.
I'll probably send the a text.

Question 5/10
Your friend just lost their beloved pet, what do you do?
Visit them with their favorite baked dessert.
Offer to throw them a memorial service.
Give them a shoulder to cry on.

Question 6/10
How often do your friends seek your opinion on something?
All the time, we're all very open.
Every now and then.
Almost never.

Question 7/10
You noticed your friend has gained a little weight, what do you do?
Nothing, it's none of my business.
Offer to workout with them.
Remind them they look great at any size.

Question 8/10
You're most likely to reach out to a friend when....
You're feeling happy.
You're feeling sad.
Anytime is a good time!

Question 9/10
Your friend invites you to hang out on Friday with some other mutual friends. How do you respond?
Find out who else is going to be there.
Accept right away.
Take some time to think it over.

Question 10/10
If a friend kept something from you, how would you feel?
Fine, they have their reasons.
Unlike many people, you truly understand friendship and what makes a friendship work. This is probably the reason why you have built so many close and lasting friendships. Being a good friend is more than just showing up when you feel like it. True friendship is showing up and being there even when you don't. You'd do anything for your friends and they'd do anything for you. With a foundation of trust and loyalty, you seem to know what it takes to be a great friend.

You Truly Understand Friendship.
Good friends are hard to find, but you seem to understand friendship far better than most. Too often, people get caught up in what they think a friendship should be, rather than what it is. You seem to understand that the best friendships are built on respect, trust, admiration, and loyalty. Some like friends just for social media or a night on the town, you like friends that slowly turn into the family you got to choose.

You Kind Of Understand Friendship.
Understanding friendship isn't easy, which is why so many people struggle to make lifelong friends. While you understand some aspects of friendship, you don't always know what it means to build a deep friendship that can stand the test of time. Remember, a great friendship is more than just liking each other's posts on social medias, it's going the extra mile and showing up when it matters most.

You Don't Understand Friendship.